Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa

This course provides an insight into developing Voice Apps with the aid of Amazon Alexa.


This course provides an insight into developing Voice Apps with the aid of Amazon Alexa.

More Information:

  • Learning Style: On Demand
  • Provider: Amazon Web Services
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Course Duration: 3 Hours
  • Course Info: Download PDF
  • Certificate: See Sample

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Course Information

About this Course:

In today’s world of information technology, the use of voice-integrated personal assistants is presently on the rise. Web and Mobile App Developers are constantly trying to integrate these voice assistants to augment the accessibility and functionality of mobile and web apps. This course provides an insight into developing Voice Apps with the aid of Amazon Alexa. This Voice Application integration allows professionals to convey complex data and information to the uses seamlessly and simply.

This intermediate-level 3 Hours Training Program helps Fire TV, Echo, and other Web Developers learn the fundamentals of Voice Integration and build familiarity with the new trends in the text and voice interfaces. Professionals will also learn about developing Interaction Models and will learn to capitalize on the core functionalities of the AWS Lambdas Interface. In addition to this, this course also covers the key concepts of Third-Party Integration in Stack Workspace.

Course Objectives:

The core objective of this course is to help professionals develop a better understanding and sound knowledge of the following key concepts:

  • Fundamentals and Essentials of Alexa
  • Newest Trends in Text and Voice Interfaces
  • Human-Computer Interaction Evolution
  • Development of Apps using Amazon’s Alexa and Lex
  • Interaction Model Creation such as Intents, Utterances, Prompts, & Slots
  • Using AWS Lambdas Interface and Auto-Scaling Code Endpoints
  • Third-Party Integration in Stack Workspace


This course is specifically tailored for the following group of professionals and interested candidates:

  • Fire TV and Echo Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Mobile App Developers
  • Candidates striving to Learn Alexa Skills and Voice Apps Integration


Professionals planning to enroll in the Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa course must comply with the following prerequisites:

  • Fundamental Knowledge of JavaScript Programming
  • Familiarity with the Working Mechanism of REST API and HTTP

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    Good course. Unfortunately, needed to be updated. The source code contains mistakes.

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