Introduction to ITIL® Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO)

Students will learn about the planning, protection and optimization process and how to organize and implement it.
Students will learn about the planning, protection and optimization process and how to organize and implement it.

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  • Learning Style: On Demand
  • Provider: ITIL®
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Course Duration: 2 Hours
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Course Information

About This Course:

The course provides a basic understanding of all the principles related to PPO module. It also involves the processes, strategies, and many other aspects which combines to form the introductory course of planning, protection, and optimization. This course is the part of the ITIL certifications which is highly in demand for its various practical usage in the business and IT sector. Today, everywhere practical applications of PPO are conduct.

The content of this course will base on the introductory concepts that will help you understand the PPO and its practical application. The course will help you in the new and updated services, latest technology, operational systems and much more.

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Technology and implementation considerations:

There are many principles regarding it and it is crucial to understand and implement the correct strategies for efficient and effective planning, protection and optimization. It is also important to use the effective management tools related to PPO that can help you achieve a perfect implementation. Organizations today lookout for such experts who can do this efficiently and have a good grasp on such concepts. There are also many tools for the service of PPO. So, to be the pro in service management technologies one needs to learn this course.

Information security management:

The most important concept of PPO is information security management. In this, you will understand the principles and techniques regarding effective security management of PPO. Protection and optimization are crucial to run all the systems of the organization and to ensure a good flow of all the roles and operations. There are many benefits also that the company gains from information security management. If there is a slight problem in any of the components of service management then it really affects all. So, here the security management provides a shield to protect the system from any malfunction.

Target audience:

The course is perfect for IT managers and the practitioners who are already the part of such strategies or support in their job or any business. Such learning will help them improve what they are already doing. Not only that they will get a better insight into service management. It may also include the business managers, owners, and anyone who has a deep understanding of PPO can be part of course.

The whole goal behind this course is to enhance the quality of working in the IT sector. IT professionals who are the part of any organization providing the service of PPO has an ongoing promise to provide the best capacity, availability, and security management.

Course objectives:

There are many objectives to this course. Here are the top ones that what organizations are after.

  • Ensure capacity management
  • Ensure the availability management and continuous improvement for security
  • Ensuring proper use of all the strategies for better service management
  • Understanding the guidance of designing, developing and implementing an effective service management
  • Ensuring the right strategies to achieve the goals of the organization
  • Being capable to handle all the risks and factors related to PPO in the organization
  • Ensuring a good infrastructure with excellent security and design for the organization


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