Learn By Example: Apache Flink

This course has 30 Solved Examples on building Flink Applications for both Streaming and Batch Processing
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This course has 30 Solved Examples on building Flink Applications for both Streaming and Batch Processing

About This Course:

Flink is a stream processing technology with added capability to do lots of other things like batch processing, graph algorithms, machine learning etc.  Using Flink you can build applications which need you to be highly responsive to the latest data such as monitoring spikes in payment gateway failures or triggering trades based on live stock price movements. 

This course has 30 Solved Examples on building Flink Applications for both Streaming and Batch Processing

Course Objective:

  • Transformations in the DataStream API : filter, map, flatMap and reduce
  • Operations on multiple streams : union, cogroup, connect, comap, join and iterate
  • Window operations : Tumbling, Sliding, Count and Session windows; the notion of time and how to implement custom Window functions 
  • Managing fault-tolerance with State and Checkpointing 
  • Transformations in the DataSet API : filter, map, reduce, reduceGroup
  • Applying ML algorithms on the fly using Flink-ML
  • Representing Graph data using Gelly


  • Yep! Engineers looking to set up end-to-end data processing pipelines that react to changes in real time
  • Yep! Folks familiar with Batch processing technologies like Hadoop who want to learn more about Stream processing


  • Experience in Java programming and familiarity with using Java frameworks
  • Building Jars with Maven, Compiling Java code and debugging
  • Install an IDE like IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse for Java and Scala programming
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Brand Java
Lab Access No
Learning Style Self-Paced Learning
Difficulty Intermediate
Course Duration 3 Hours
Language English
VPA Eligible VPA Eligible
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