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Web Development

  1. Web developer jobs and average salaries

    Web Developer Jobs and Average Salaries

    Categories: Web Development , Bootcamps
    Interested in the arena of website development and are looking for data concerning how much money you will make per annum as a full-time website designer or developer? Well, my friend, stop looking anywhere further, as you will get all the data you need to find out about the salaries and scope of this career in the coming future.
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  2. What is Angular 4; how to master it?

    What Is Angular 4; How to Master It?

    Categories: Web Development , Bootcamps
    Angular in a nutshell is an open-source web development framework that was developed and is maintained by Google. Various development challenges can be put to ease as Angular 4 provides end to end tooling, combining of declarative templates, dependency injection as well as integrated best practices. The software is consistently updated to provide ease of use and important security updates to the clients.
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  3. Need a Quick path to become a Web Developer; check out online boot camps

    Need a Quick Path to Become a Web Developer? Check out Online Bootcamps

    Categories: Career Driven , Web Development , Bootcamps
    Have you ever thought of becoming a software or website developer to begin your career within the realms of cybersecurity? If so then you must have come around the concepts of boot camps and why joying one can improve your chances of becoming a successful web developer. Not based on the fact that you will be able to receive the technical knowledge that can accelerate your career as a professional web developer but for working with the people and professionals who are dedicated and at the top of their game
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  4. Angular JS vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4: Know the Differences

    Angular JS vs Angular 2 vs Angular 4: Know the Differences

    Categories: Learning , Web Development
    If you happen to be in the web development business then you already know the pace at which the technologies tend to change. If there is a new improvement made to a particular software or tool then its newer version would be adapted almost instantly. Innovation is of the essence here and whenever it is applied to standard software and its new version has been put into the market the industries using the software have to comply with it and change accordingly. Angular JS which is an extremely popular web development tool for the front-end framework was first created by Google and made its debut in the international market in 2012.
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  5. Angular Cheat Sheet for Web Development

    Angular Cheat Sheet for Web Development

    Categories: Web Development , Cheat Sheet
    Angular is defined as a front-end web development framework that is specifically used to build single-page web applications, which are also called SPAs. This platform uses TypeScript as the main programming language. The angular framework itself is coded in the TypeScript language. Angular is considered as a dogmatic framework. While developing apps with Angular, you must bear it in mind that it specifies a certain style and lays down a specific set of rules that development professionals need to learn, follow, and stick to. Hence, you need to learn Angular and its different modules, components, and tools which are necessary to make an app while using Angular.
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  6. Why Future Web Developers should learn the React; convincing reasons

    Why Future Web Developers Should Learn React? Convincing Reasons

    Categories: Web Development , Bootcamps
    When landing on a website what tempts you the most? The font of the site, its user interface, or the design? Well for most of the users they prefer that a website should have a friendly UI and that is where react comes into the equation. Whether you are a professional web developer or an enterprise looking to level up their game, react is the most tempting JavaScript library that you should be using right now and for future projects too. Following are some of the most compelling reasons as to why you should do that immediately;
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  7. Why All Aspiring Web Developers Should Learn CSS

    Why All Aspiring Web Developers Should Learn CSS

    Categories: Web Development , Bootcamps
    No matter which kind of a developer you are or if you own a small business, it is highly recommended to learn CSS because of its profound attributes. Before diving into stating why it is optimum to learn CSS, we should first cover what CSS is.
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  8. When and how to use Abstract Class and Interface?

    When and how to use Abstract Class and Interface?

    Categories: Programming Language , Web Development , Bootcamps
    It might not be feasible to define the abstract class and the interface systems without drawing some sort of difference between these. Only when you are taking both terms in the form of competition only you will be able to determine when to choose one over the other. So, if you are a still interested in determining the concept then without further ado let’s get right into it;
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