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How to Migrate and Modernize Your On-Prem Data Lake with Managed Kafka
August 18, 2020

How to Migrate and modernize your on-prem data lake with managed Kafka

The primary objective in this data-rich era is to extract the insights of data that can be used for making outcome-oriented decisions. Understanding how to analyze data is a skill that is in demand. We are creating hundreds of megabytes of data every day, and only a nominal value is getting analyzed to the improvement of various processes. Although that nominal value is not so nominal because that data is in a tremendous amount, and we have a hard time handling that.

Choosing between Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google
mar 02, 2020

Choosing between Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google

networking AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer related capabilities around flexible compute, storage and. Common elements of a public cloud that they share are self-service, security, compliance, auto-scaling & identity management features. In public cloud services, AWS remains the global market share leader at 33%, Azure at 13% & Google Cloud at 6%.

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