Finance Grad Pursues Her Real Passion: Coding and Web Development


Finance Grad Pursues Her Real Passion: Coding and Web Development

QuickStart bootcamps are helping individuals with non-IT backgrounds build expertise in the fields of their passion. Our bootcamps are designed to help individuals upskill and advance their careers, or even start a new career with the help of a comprehensive learning experience. Let’s dive right in to explore more about QuickStart bootcamp programs, and how this particular finance professional was able to become a coding expert, by taking two smart steps:

  • Following her passion
  • Choosing the right learning path

Meet Alba Halili

Alba Halili, an investment professional in JPMorgan Securities, comes with a degree in Economics and has lately developed an interest in web development and coding. Getting inspired by her friend who is an experienced web developer, she went on to explore more about it and realized “web development is where her passion lies”. As she decided to follow and explore her newly discovered passion, she started looking for various learning opportunities and platforms that would suit her needs. That’s where she found QuickStart web development bootcamp.

What Was Alba Looking For?

Alba was looking for a flexible learning schedule so she can stay on a steady learning track without disturbing her work. QuickStart offers self-paced courses that require a certain number of hours dedicated to a week but no fixed schedule. Learners can learn at their own pace, without following a fixed schedule. And since they’re all online, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

“I loved the topics we touched on. I chose this bootcamp specifically for that reason. I was interested to learn Python, HTML, CSS, React, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node.JS, Django, and that's exactly what we learned”

Our bootcamps are fast-tracked, but thorough and comprehensive at the same time. Alba was able to explore a variety of programming languages and had an opportunity to choose a couple of them as her favorite. Now that she has a taste of all of these languages, it’s easy for her to search which languages she needs to pursue in case she finally decides to switch her career.

“Projects were my favorite part of the bootcamp as that reinforced what we were learning”

Real-world projects have the complexity to put learned skills to test, just like you’re a part of an actual project in an organization, with real-life metrics, difficulty levels, and expectations. The only difference is that our bootcamps provide you experts’ support with the help of live coaching sessions twice a week.

Alba Halili enjoys her career as an Investment Analyst, but she is excited to switch her career to a coding expert. Is she going to take inspiration from her friend who works from home, or is she going to join an organization to follow her passion? We’ll keep you posted on our social media platforms.

QuickStart is an IT workforce readiness and career development platform that offers individuals and IT teams take IT courses and certification prep training to upskill and advance in their careers, switch careers, or reach their organizational IT goals. We’re partnered with the industry’s top IT vendors including Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, NetApp, EC-Council, and more.

QuickStart has now launched fast-tracked, comprehensive bootcamp programs, in various fields of IT including Web Development, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Analytics, and Cybersecurity. The bootcamp promises a rigorous learning experience, in a short period of time, while also allowing students to take advantage of self-paced courses and flexible learning schedules, in-demand tools, and techniques, hundreds of resources for informal learning, live weekly coaching sessions with instructors, and post-graduate job assistance program.

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