Are You a Military Spouse and Want to Further your Career: Check Out MyCAA Funding


Are You a Military Spouse and Want to Further your Career: Check Out MyCAA Funding

Must have heard about the fundings and scholarship programs for the on-duty or disabled veterans, right? Well, that is not it. The welfare of military spouses is also a priority as organizations are working for that as well. This organization pays for their scholarships, their education, and training programs. This organization is called Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts short form for MyCAA.

We know how a military family can never settle at the same place due to the postings. It becomes difficult for families as kids have to change their school and the wife has to find a new job, which can be very difficult. There are times when the family is still settling in at the place, and the time for the next posting comes. For military wives, the best jobs are the ones they can do from anywhere. Jobs that have no concern with where they are located is a preference in these cases.

Well, MyCAA is an organization that helps military wives in getting the best training for their jobs and scholarships for their education. Let's get all the details about how MyCAA can help military spouses and how can they stabilize their careers with MyCAA.

Type of Degrees Covered by MyCAA

It is a welfare program run by the ministry of defense to help military spouses get certifications, license, or a degree in some field. This aid has a limit of $4,000 to each of the spouses. There is a condition that the training they are paying for must lead to an associate degree. Before a military spouse decides to go for MyCAA, she should check for the programs and degrees they cover.

Eligibility for MyCAA

To be eligible for this program by MyCAA, one needs to be the spouse of an active veteran of forces. There is another requirement that you must have a high school degree, at least. These are the only two requirements if you want to get aid from this program.

What MyCAA Pays for?

MyCAA has a list of approved courses and programs they allow for spouses. To know about the listed programs, one can look at MyCAA's list. But there are certain things MyCAA does not pay for, and we can provide you the list of prohibited programs.

  • A course of bachelor's degree
  • A course that you have started or completed 
  • Any kind of books, equipment, uniform, or supplies
  • An electronic device or a computer
  • Courses that you are taking more than once 
  • Events of any kind of entertainment

MyCAA does not pay for any general degree like arts or anything else. 

How to Get Started with MyCAA?

It is an easy thing to start it out with the MyCAA program as you need to prove your eligibility only. There is a condition for your spouse to be an active militant when you are applying for it, or you can forget about getting it done. When you have proved your eligibility for the program, you just need to log on to their website with your department of defense logon credentials. Once you are in there, select an approved course and apply for it.

A military wife gets to use $4,000 in total, as we have mentioned earlier. They will pay $2,000 for the training for each year for two years. Once you have had the $4,000 aid, you cannot have this aid anymore, even if you want to change careers and need some other training. But if there is something left from the total amount, you can use that remaining amount for any other course or training program.

MyCAA and Other Military Benefits

There are other aids the ministry of defense offers for the family of a military veteran like the GI Bill and Financial aid. MyCAA has nothing to do with other aids that the defense ministry provides, and you can get multiple aids with MyCAA if you are eligible. As all of these aids have criteria and some conditions to fulfill to ensure your eligibility for them. Using these aids is up to you after you get eligibility criteria fulfilled. You can use them to stabilize your financial condition or to do a training course for your career. 


When we look at the job market and how there are fewer jobs are more candidates, we will realize how difficult it can get for a military spouse to get a job whenever they move to a new place. Looking at these job and education problems, the defense ministry started this program of MyCAA, which offers all the help these spouses need to get training, education, or a new job. This is a well-planned work by the Government which is very much appreciated and for all the right reasons.

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