How to Be Your Own Boss as a Solo IT Pro or Next Big Entrepreneur


How to Be Your Own Boss as a Solo IT Pro or Next Big Entrepreneur

Choosing a career is very tricky because it is a make or break situation for a person. So, how to choose a career in a way that we do not have to regret in the future? Let's shed some light on it. You should choose your passion as your career. Wait, does it sound cliche? Well, only because we have overused the word passion while answering questions in interviews. But in reality, doing what you love and also getting paid for it is a dream of millions. And, if you choose your passion as your career, you will go through all the roadblocks of your career like it is nothing. Plus, everyone needs money to fulfill their necessities. And, as they say, when there is a necessity, people do find their ways. But they do it unwillingly just to pay their bills and fill up their bellies.

Start making a list of jobs that can suit you according to the passion you have. You can explore it on google by mentioning your passion. After making the list, start looking at the particularities now like the responsibilities of the job, salary, and other benefits. After that, you will end up with only one or two jobs. Start looking for the job now, go into the walk-in interviews, and send your resumes to the companies. For instance, let's assume that IT is the passion of someone, and he wants to land in an IT organization. Now let's see why would someone want a job in the IT industry.

Why would someone choose IT for a Career?

IT is one of the sectors that work in the present but work for the future. If someone has IT as his passion, that is good, but it is not the only reason you should choose IT as the career. As there are a lot more benefits and scope of growth in the IT sector is very high. Let's look at some factors why someone should choose IT as a career.

  • Job Security

As we all know, technology is here to stay, and it is only going to get bigger and better. The world is becoming digitalized, and every day we do banking, shopping, and other stuff online. IT employees are considered to be the key asset of a company as they help the company big time in achieving goals.

  • High Salaries

Don't we work to pay our bills? Yes, we do. Almost 70% of people around the world are doing jobs just for money to feed their families, and the rest of the people also take money, that's certain. IT is an industry that offers handsome salaries to its employees.

  • New Technologies

Technologies evolve every day and being in the IT industry, you get to experience that change and even become a part of that. You get to work with the latest technologies and test them practically. That itself is exciting enough to opt for IT as a career.

To make yourself compact in the IT industry, there are a lot of certifications and training available, but ITIL certification training is what we recommend.

  • International Experience

IT is a field that is the same at every corner of the world, unlike law and accountancy that has different rules everywhere. You can go to work abroad and get some valuable experience in the latest technologies.

Information technology is a field where even if you work solo you are your boss. Let's see how.

How to Be Your Own Boss in IT

If you are working in a small scale organization in IT, and you are a pro in that, your life must be great there. Being the technical pro in the company, you report directly to the CEO, and nobody else gets to pin in your work. But like every other thing, this workplace freedom comes with a price. You have to be efficient enough to manage all the responsibilities and utilize the expertise of your coworkers the right way so that nobody gets job burnout.

Assess Your True Responsibilities

When you apply for a post of IT in an organization, there are some enlisted responsibilities of that post by the organization. These may include servers, databases, email, networking, security, etc. Usually, this job is posted by a non-IT professional, and this is how much he could have done. When you start the job, that's when you assess your actual job responsibilities.

Put Some Off-the-Shelf Solutions to Make Yourself Some Time

If you start the job thinking you will take care of everything on your own without any help, you are dreaming. You cannot keep up with the day to day tasks and support at the same time. You will have to automate some of the stuff using the software help.

Server Options

How you spend time at the office depends on the server option you choose. There is this traditional way of hosting a server on-premises, but in this option, you will be stuck with the maintenance and other stuff related to the server. While on the other hand, if you choose a cloud server, all the responsibilities will be managed by the service provider. They will look after the hardware, software, and maintenance of the server.


When you start a job in a technology challenged organization and look at everyone using their personal Gmail account for the business purpose. You start working on providing the company with its email system. This is not so hard, but to keep it secure from outside threats is the real challenge and small organizations have not yet taken care of this issue. You try to make it secure with all the limited resources you have.

Build a Culture of Self-Service

You are managing the resources of the company to fulfill their IT needs, so you are a manager. You should empower people and encourage them to do their work on their own so that you can focus on what is more important. It is like either you cook them the food or you teach them how to cook.

So, if you are an IT pro and know your work well enough, you are the boss of your own. As no one can tell how to do this or that because you report directly to the upper hierarchy, and all they need is their work being done.

That's all from our side. Enroll in our IT certifications to get yourself started!

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