Top 15 Coding Bootcamps with Highest Pay Job Guarantee


Top 15 Coding Bootcamps with Highest Pay Job Guarantee

There is a lot of hype going around these days regarding the coding boot camps and how they can help you to strengthen your grip over coding systems and practice them with utter efficiency and focus. With these boot camps' help, you will understand the basics of coding/programming for extensive career options. It will help you if you want to become an IT expert, take up a cybersecurity job, or join any other part/section of IT domains where coding/programming is an essential part.

For starters, many people would be interested in the idea of joining a Coding boot camp just o practice the basic skills, get to know the layout of the exam, and getting up to speed with the syllabus. There is no harm in doing that until you know what you are doing, but if you don't, then it is suggested that you grab the true essence of what these Coding boot camps are.

How to Make the Best out of the Coding Bootcamps?

Taking an Introductory Class

It can be very difficult for some professionals to come to terms with joining a boot camp because they don't have much practical knowledge of Coding and budge out. This problem comes with a very simple solution; if you want to learn Coding for a change of career or whatever reason you might find best, then it is advised that you begin with a simple introductory class. You can begin with various online elements such as learning various different coding systems and entries, including Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and various others, as they fit your appetite.

Engage with Your Instructors on a Better Note

Your instructors have also developed the specialized systems for you to work with, which only considers the study of up to date and related information that can be used to utilize the true essence of the courses learned. This way, your employees or a learner yourself would have something subtle to work on by cluttering out all of the excessive noise, only focusing on what is important, and increasing your training's overall value. Not only this, but the real life applications of the skills learned is also an aspect that you need to work with.

You might be thinking that it is easier said than done; it isn't that simple and not at all enticing. But if you really attend to it, then the idea might work; when you try to connect more with the tutors, the better you would learn and assess all that knowledge of Coding.

Contacting with the Coding Community

It is necessary for an IT-based organization that wants to be successful in that all members of that enterprise do work together shoulder to shoulder and in proper collaboration. While this can be a little difficult for some enterprises to approach, but thanks to the concept of boot camps, it is not impossible anymore.

Other than that, excessive information can be browsed using the internet and finding access to various coding/programming communities out there during your learning period. You will be able to find instant access to various professionals to help you build a subtle career in cybersecurity and data science.

Benefits of Working with a Coding Bootcamp

The Convenience of Working/Self-Paced Learning

All you need to access the online learning content from the coding boot camps is your access to the internet; other than this, where do you reside or are engaging with the boot camp is not of importance. Some of the most famous coding boot camps that actually cut out all the negativity around the concept of boot camps and actually provide results do reside in large corporate cities. This can become a nuisance for the professionals on a global level as they can't attend these boot camps even if they want to.

Access to Complete Courses/Certifications

There are a lot of diversified skills that you need to learn if you want to become a coder and practice the extensive skills of Coding. With the online Coding boot camp's help, you will get to attend to your complete syllabus regarding the particular exam that you ought to take. Furthermore, you will learn all the diversified aspects of the particular coding systems you are trying to learn.

Some of the coding skills might include learning C++, Java, HTML, Ruby, C#, Python, and other related technologies as well. Doing so will extensively help you to get all riled up with your syllabus for various coding analogies. You don't need to worry about the timing at which you complete all the resources, as everything is fully automated and can be touched or assessed as necessary by the user.

Less Costly than Physical Bootcamps

If you were wondering all this time, such as which one is more rigorous or sturdy to work with, the physical boot camp or the online boot camp, then you might get your answer here. The thing with the online boot camp is that it is convenient, consistent, and more elaborate than the physical boot camp. On the overall scenario, the physical boot camps' costs are more than the online coding boot camps as it would require the user to come with plenty of things for practical, technical systems, and other dedicated scenarios.

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Best Coding Bootcamps That You Need to Know About

These were some of the benefits that you will be able to get access to, considering you learn at a physical boot camp that is accredited by a licensing body. To make the search easier for you, we have a list of some of the best Coding Boot camp that can provide you with customized learning and thus make this journey a lot easier for you. Most of these boot camps are already accredited with Universities like Harvard, UC Berkley, Northeastern Illinois University, UT Austin, MIT, University of Minnesota, and thus there is nothing to worry about. However, if need be, you can check the authenticity of the boot camp by searching it up online.   

So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the best coding boot camps, physical or otherwise:


Whether you are interested in switching your career, getting a promotion, and upskilling yourselves in emerging IT careers, our IT bootcamps will prepare you for high-paying web & app development jobs. Quickstart partners with the top-notch universities in the US like Florida Atlantic University, Northeastern Illinois University, Texas A&M University, Hofstra University, Santa Clara University, James Madison University, Colorado State University, Wagner College, and Becker College. QuickStart's Coding Bootcamp provides access to a handful of resources online. Students can learn the ins and outs of cloud computing within a 16 weeks program and have access to a fully far-fetched community and mentors to guide them throughout the way. Their Bootcamp programs enable students to land the highest-paying jobs not just in the US globally. Given that you want to learn all there is about web development, UI/UX design, and web development, this is the perfect boot camp, to begin with. Full-time and self-paced type of learning is also available. It offers one to seven-month long full time and flexible projects. Data science and data analytics is also the proud offering here if you want to give it a try.

Enroll in our Web Development Bootcamp and get your coding proficiency to a whole different level with a curriculum that includes in-demand programming languages. 

Flatiron School

This amazing Coding boot camp stretched all over the USA, providing access to most of the states, and the brightest thing about this boot camp is that you will be able to apply for financial aid. The payment can be divided into dedicated sections and can either be loaned or paid upfront; it depends on your ease of payment. You can browse the catalog for the programs offered over the online channels or use the boot camp website. Mainly courses in Data Science, web development, and full-stack development are offered. As tutors, the professionals assigned to you are some of the leading market figures providing you with the right set of assistance that you require. Cybersecurity remains the top serviced area of this boot camp, and mainly certifications related to networking and IT security, in general, are better dealt with here.

Kenzie Academy

This boot camp is situated in Indianapolis and offers both physical and online interaction when it comes to the mode of learning available. The main learning aspects here are UI/UX design and web development, but the website development's engineering sides are also covered to some extent. However, the software engineering program covers a range of coding/programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, and Python. The most enticing thing about this Coding boot camp is that it provides a variety of follow up material after completing your training


This amazing boot camp staff is simply the best and most supportive when it comes to teaching and breaking down the complexities associated with Coding. Even if you don't have any prior knowledge of coding/programming, you can also browse various pre-camp courses valuable to speed. Data science, Data analytics, Web development, and full-stack development are some of the areas that are best covered with this boot camp. Students are also welcome to apply for financial aid if they don't see themselves supporting throughout their boot camp completion.


It is almost present in every state of the USA and offers online, part-time, and self-paced learning. However, most of the people who wished to go with this specific boot camp preferred to use the self-paced learning option. Because with this specific option, you can control what you learn, how much you learn of it, and in what time providing you with some exceptional training experience. It offers an 18-week part-time, full-stack mobile and web development program in smaller cities and across online. Most of these courses are designed to be affordable and reach every student as they can best afford it. Web development and full-stack development are the main issues that are targeted here.

Considering if your financial aid certification doesn't come through then, you always have the option of going with month-to-month installment and loan financing; however, upfront payments are a more lucrative form of the financial element that you can consider here.

General Assembly

Like many other boot camps mentioned here, the General Assembly also entertains the learners with an extensive reach that stretches to almost all major states of the USA. The main learning aspects or courses that you can partake or join include data analytics, web development, Engineering immersion, Full-time development, and the digital marketing related aspects as well.

Students can apply for financial aid if they don't see themselves paying for the tuition; the course work is intuitive and gets updated more than any other boot camp. There is career support, an alumni network, and even a thrilling guarantee that you will be able to score a job for yourself after completing your certification.

Le Wagon

This is not about learning the technical skills, but this boot camp will provide you with the right skillset that you need in order to compete with the digital world. Cybersecurity and software development courses are offered within this boot camp, and it has about 39 campuses. The detailed companies covered here include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, along with their detailed cloud framework.

Data science, Data analytics, Web, and stack development are some of the options that you can get with this amazing boot camp. The teaching staff is extremely friendly and open to suggestions from the learner’s side to better customize the experience.

App Academy

As the name suggests, the App Academy is all about web development, full-stack development, and engineering immersion. For the most part of your stay there, you can come around the use of mobile apps, how you build one for yourself while covering a large area of coding/programming languages. The most prominent entries in this regard include Python, Java, C++, C#, and HTML considering web development. The options for signing up with a financial aid application are also present; other than that, upfront payments and loan financing is also facilitated. It offers both online and in-person learning programs depending on your needs.


Ironhack is the most lucrative option for the professions looking forward to learning not only about coding/programming but also about other aspects. You can learn about data analytics, UI/UX design, and web development in general. It has a vast network of campuses and provides the students with a wholesome experience. There is one to one mentorship that is also provided for online and onsite coaching.

Dedicated career advice can also be taken, and guidance sought regarding a specific move that you want to make with your cloud computing career. Data analytics, Web development, UI/UX design are some of the most lucrative options that you can avail right here. There are nine full-week programs and 24 part-time programs to engage in; the network is extensive as it has branches and locations in the USA and the rest of the world as well.


There are often so limited boot camp-related options because, with the CareerFoundry, you don't only get the quality education and teaching that can set you up for a smooth and super sailing career path but take care of the modern challenges presented by the coding landscape. The whole enterprise is online; the learning experience happens to be seamless and is more focused on real-world orientation and dealing with digital problems than providing students with some sort of lecture.

The whole enterprise is online; the learning experience happens to be seamless and is more focused on real-world orientation and dealing with digital problems than providing them with some sort of lecture. More emphasis will be placed on things that you love and want to move forward with rather than going with a stubborn and inflicted approach. Data analytics, UI/UX design, and Web development are the top aspects this boot camp deals with regarding coding/programming.

Lambda School

This is the type of boot camp that specifically focuses on students and professionals who are interested in web development and want to learn the trade. Deeper analytics of web development, coding essentials, and on-hands training with various tools and services are what gets fed down here. Loan financing is another option right next to the upfront payments for anyone who wants to consider learning here.

The learning structure is either full time or provides you with online learning. Given such ease, the whole coursework can be divided into sections as depicted in various self-paced learning modules being practiced out there.


If you want nothing less than perfect, the BrainStation is the most dedicated boot camp you should consider. UI/UX design, Data science, Data analytics, Web development, iOS development, Digital marketing, and full-stack development are among things you can study about or have hands-on experience around. This dedicated boot camp enjoys more of a worldwide network while most of the USA outlets present. 

It offers all formats of learning, such as online, full-time, and part-time learning experiences based on the students' needs and customizations. If you want to learn all about your favorite course in a functional and ready to move ahead, this is the best boot camp you can ever come around. 

Lighthouse labs

It is a Canadian based boot camp that is known to the rest of the world due to the immersive experience it creates around learning and coding/programming when it comes to people who don't know much about it in the first place. One of the boot camps about Coding provides you with the confirmation that you will land a decent, entry-level job in the IT sector out there. Data analytics, Data science, and web development are some of the most lucrative study options that you get with this specific boot camp in the first place.


This is a completely online boot camp and is focused on working with the people who are already enrolled in the IT and cybersecurity industry, to begin with. Anyone interested in data science, coding/programming and wants to make it as the general career for them to step into the world of cloud computing will definitely benefit from DataCamp. You will not only learn the dedicated skills but would also be provided with a complete environment that is full of resources to practice the on hand understanding with your skillset.

All the instructors are fully up to date despite teaching through the online channels; the interaction with the tutors is incredible; they answer your questions in a polite way and are fulling to tune the complete learning environment just to make you feel balanced and in sync with rest of the class.


This is the boot camp that can make you an expert dealing with the dedicated coursework of various tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, as well as their dedicated cloud frameworks. In just fourteen weeks, you will be all ready to embark on a new job title and additional responsibilities that come with it. You can learn online or choose to take their course in any of their dedicated Dojo locations.

Three full stacks will be covered in less than fourteen weeks. Complete access to various dedicated aspects of the workshop and other resources the professional requires to triumph in their training will be provided. They provide full time and self-paced learning modules to ease the journey for as many students as possible.

Although there are various boot camps that promise you to learn all about data science, Coding, and programming languages, there are hardly enough that provide all that and full-stack web development. So, as a word of advice, it is recommended that you go for a  full stack web development boot camp as these will facilitate you with other aspects of the IT industry.

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