Top 5 Portable Jobs for Military Spouses


Top 5 Portable Jobs for Military Spouses

Being military veteran results in sacrificing a career. This is on top of sacrificing time for their country and nation. But if you have the will to serve your nation, nothing can stop you.

For a military veteran, their family has to be strong as well, as they have to sacrifice a lot and go through a lot of adjustments in life, especially for the kids and spouse. Kids have to keep changing their schools at every other posting, which becomes a hurdle to proper education. For spouses, it is hard for them to keep up at their jobs and follow their dreams. As we know, almost all of the jobs require employees to stay at a place and work daily, but with your spouse being a militant, life becomes unpredictable. It becomes very difficult at times to change jobs at every posting. To make life easier, they have to choose a career with a profession that does not depend on location, and here we discuss those professions.

Top 5 Portable Jobs for Military Spouses

When you have to move after every two years, you know it is hard to follow your dreams and fulfill your ambitions. To fulfill a dream, you have to work a long time and for a lifetime in some cases. But if you are a military spouse, you do not get to have that. The priority should be easily transferable jobs and careers that are not bound to locations.

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Professions that are not bound to a geographical location are as follows:

  1. Graphic Designer

Portable professions are difficult to find. Still, there are professions one can go find that are portable and even in demand. Professions like a graphic designer can be chosen, as it offers portability and depends on the skills you have.

As the world has become digitalized, there are no requirements for any kind of education for this profession. You only need to have an eye and mind of an artist. You have to learn different software, and you are good to go. Now you can work with any employer without any location restrictions, and you can also work as a freelancer and be your boss. You can earn a good amount of money every month, and that amount keeps going up as you become more proficient.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support is a job role that every company has regardless of their product line. Most of the time, there is a department for customer support, as the technical staff of the company do not have enough time to answer every call.

It can be an astonishing profession for a military spouse, as it is not hard to find this job due to its high demand. In a customer support role, you have to handle complaints or provide assistance regarding the product. It is another profession that lets you earn a fair amount, and things keep getting better as you gain experience.

  • Photographer

A photographer is another profession that can go along with the lifestyle of a military spouse. Anyone can create a profession with photography, and in a profession like photography, you do not have a dependency of any kind. You can work at any location as your creativity speaks for you.

You need to learn how to work with a professional camera and how to make photos better with software like Photoshop. If a military spouse opts for photography as a profession, they can get assignments even in the military, as there are many events annually. You can even take a training course with MyCAA in which you can learn the art of photography.

  • Personal Trainer – Fitness & Nutrition

A military spouse can become a personal trainer, as fitness is an ever-growing field. They can work anywhere, as all they need is their knowledge about fitness and nutrition. Equipment is the same everywhere. It is the knowledge and experience that matters in this field, so it does not depend on location.

To become a certified trainer, you have to get the certification from a national fitness academy, and you can kickstart your career in this field. You can earn well with this, as it is in demand right now.

  • Pharmacist

Another career that you can restart anywhere is as a pharmacist, as nothing changes in medicine according to the location. There are the same medicines everywhere, and your experience can earn you a job anywhere in the country.

Healthcare is a necessity. With this profession, you will also learn all about it. So, it does not only make you earn more but gives you a lot of valuable knowledge as well.

These were the five jobs for military spouses that are rewarding and do not depend on location.

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