A Look at AWS: Certs & Market Share


A Look at AWS: Certs & Market Share

At this point, you can’t go wrong by earning an AWS or Azure certification, or both. AWS is the favorite cloud service provider for about 31% of businesses, but Azure is only slightly behind with 20% market share. 

As an IT professional that means you should be prepared to jump into either type of infrastructure. As these two companies battle to be the dominant cloud platform, their combined market share will continue to grow as well. There are foundational cloud skills that apply to either platform — and you can learn those in the QuickStart Cloud Computing Bootcamp.

This week, we took a look at the cloud market, the best AWS certs, and a deep look into the life of an AWS solutions architect. 

Azure vs AWS: Cloud Market Share 2020

The two most prominent players in the global cloud computing market, AWS, and Azure have dominated the market for years. Combined their market share accounts for over half of the industry — with no signs of slowing down.

4 Best AWS Certs to Earn First

AWS has a robust certification program that, like it’s a cloud computing platform, has lots of choices. With so many options, the decision can be daunting, but there are four AWS certifications that IT professionals typically earn first.

Is the AWS Solutions Architect Worth It?

AWS solutions architects must balance the competing forces of technology and business needs. Designing secure, resilient, high-performance, cost-effective architectures isn’t easy — and the exam reflects that balancing act.

Enroll in Our QuickStart Cloud Computing Bootcamp

The QuickStart Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a valuable resource for anyone trying to upskill into the cloud or land their first job on the cloud. The bootcamp covers both Azure and AWS and teaches foundational cloud concepts and skills. 

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