A Look at Azure: Role-Based Certs & Storage


A Look at Azure: Role-Based Certs & Storage

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud providers with hundreds of services, storage options, and a robust certification program. Long known for its popular operating system, Microsoft has rearranged itself with Azure as the focal point.

Azure has subsumed everything at Microsoft from Windows 10 to Server 2019 to Active Directory. If in the past you could do something with one of these products, it’s likely you’ll be moving to Azure in the near future. 

7 Types of Azure Storage and How to Use Them

Applications built in Azure are infinitely customizable, but they all rely on one of five Azure storage types and two primary database types. No one Azure storage solution is "better" than the others. They each have their place — and you should know which to use when. 

Microsoft Role-Based Certs: What Replaces MCSA, MCSE

In the past couple of years, Microsoft has shaken up their entire certification program with the introduction of role-based certifications. They’ve retired product-based certification, introduced new role-based certs, and changed certification expiration dates. Here’s what changed.

Is the AZ-204 Worth It?

Microsoft is going all-in on Azure. That’s apparent across the board from platform integrations to their steady peace with Linux to their certifications. The future of Microsoft is Azure, which means that developers need to follow along — and validate their skills with AZ-204.

QuickStart Cloud Bootcamp

The QuickStart Cloud Computing Bootcamp is a valuable resource for anyone trying to upskill into the cloud or land their first cloud job. The bootcamp covers both Azure and AWS, and teaches foundational cloud concepts and skills.

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