Building Predictive Big Data Solutions Using Azure Machine Learning


Building Predictive Big Data Solutions Using Azure Machine Learning

MS Azure is a sophisticated analytics platform that has the power to predict future events after analyzing relevant historical and real-time data. These insights can revolutionize the way business is done, and provide you with a massive competitive advantage. Imagine using your historical data as well as your real-time data being utilized in running reports, learning from the past, gaining insights, and performing predictive analysis. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? This sophisticated analytics platform can help you make the kind of decisions that would transform your decision making and business processes. And that is exactly what Azure Machine Learning does, heralding in a new age for data science and predictive analytics.

Getting Your Data to Talk to You

You can make all your data meaningful, even the smallest details can lead to better decisions and smarter insights.

Have you ever asked questions about your business, starting with:

What if…?

What’s the probability of…?

If so, predictive analytics & machine learning hold the answers to all your questions. Together, these two can tell you the future and also indicate what needs to be done to make the most of it.

Machine learning can enable computers to learn without being programmed too strictly. These computers grow and change as they are exposed to new data. Machine learning uses historical data, analyzing it to find patterns hidden deep within. It also studies data from a number of sources, and then examines it all using a variety of statistical algorithms to find pertinent information. As a result, your business gets patterns and predictions that are based on solid research and reliable data. These complex patterns hide the answers to pretty much all of your business questions.

So, What Does Azure ML Do Exactly?

Part of Microsoft’s Azure ecosystem, Azure ML is a fully managed service that offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface as well as built-in algorithms and modules, used for publishing models as easily useable web services. It has given organizations the power to quickly implement and manage the strengths of predictive models, integrating them into current analytics environments such as traditional SQL Servers and Hadoop etc.

The main components of Azure ML include:

  • Visual Studio Code Tools for AI
  • Microsoft Machine Learning Libraries for Apache Spark (MMLSpark Library)
  • Azure Machine Learning Workbench
  • Azure Machine Learning Model Management Service
  • Azure Machine Learning Experimentation Service

When used in tandem, these applications can accelerate your data science projects, significantly enhancing the speed of development and deployment. Azure ML lets you import data, and then build machine learning models around that data. The result is patterns and predictions that will help you make sense of the data and use it for future reference. And all of it happens right in your browser!

Azure ML supports a number of programming languages used specifically for data science purposes, these include R and Python. So, you can easily integrate these into machine learning algorithms without missing a beat.

Azure ML is a result of Microsoft’s global network of data centers. It is a cloud-based platform that is available any time, anywhere via the internet. Use it to add cloud capabilities to your existing networks, or leave all your computing needs to Microsoft, Azure lets you do it all, and a lot more. Whichever option you may pick, rest assured that MS Azure is reliable and secure across the board. Built on time-tested cloud hosting capabilities, it offer a variety of products and services via one easy-to-use platform.

Predictive Big Data Solutions with Microsoft Azure

Statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques have afforded enterprises the ability to analyze current and historical data for a variety of real-life applications. The result can give them in-depth understanding of customer behaviors, their interests and needs as far as the consumption of products and services is concerned.

Predictive analytics also gives insights on new and improved ways to raise the quality of products/services, enhance worker safety as well as optimize production and supply.

Enterprises are leveraging the best of cloud-based analytics with Azure Machine Learning to build, deploy and integrate flexible solutions that manage their massive data volumes. Microsoft Azure training can enable you to customize machine learning models for your business needs. This training can teach how to take advantage of algorithms available as fully managed services offering virtually endless scalability and security. Deploy these in minutes, get the insights you need and create solutions that lead to smart business decisions.

Quickly Build and Deploy Sophisticated Predictive Models

Self-hosted, on-premise data centers are a story of the past, just like dial-ups and mainframes before them. The alternative cloud solutions such as MS Azure are not only more reliable but also more affordable. With the new Azure Machine Learning from Microsoft, you can take data science capabilities of your organization to new heights, while quickly building and deploying state-of-the-art predictive models.

Microsoft Azure training offers hands-on practical tutorials, with a focus on building and arraying these models. With the right guidance, you can learn how to build recommenders, propensity models and deliver predictive models with accurate results. The training should teach all aspects of the Azure ML web service, from data access to applying and evaluating the models and later, deploying them as web services.

Business intelligence expertise alone isn’t enough anymore because it doesn’t address the sheer volume, speed and complexity of data available. Traditional analytics tools simply aren’t powerful enough to deal with these developments. Business intelligence is now restricted to providing a more diagnostic analysis, whereas data science is able to unlock new ideas and opportunities with the power of predictive analysis.

The Past Is the Key to the Future

Historical data for businesses hides the secrets that lead to a brighter future. It is a valuable resource as long as businesses have the expertise to analyze and interpret it in ways that are beneficial to them. Big data can help identify emerging and on-going trends and also build machine learning models that have the power to predict future outcomes fairly successfully.

This is why Azure Machine Learning has gained quite a reputation for accuracy in such a short time. Use it wisely to explore new techniques, create reliable models using big data, and assimilate predictive insights into your existing work flows.

Microsoft’s expansive infrastructure and their powerful international presence as made Microsoft Azure the leading choice of global Fortune 500 companies. This can only be topped of by the infinite scalability of Microsoft Azure, making it the right choice for your business. With Microsoft Azure training, you can leverage the huge potential of data and give a competitive edge to your organization. Feel free to get in touch with us and discuss your training needs.

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