Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses: Infographic


Cloud Encryption Tips for Businesses: Infographic

We all know that business data needs to be secured as firmly as possible and we’re sure you could tell us what cloud storage is if asked. You’re probably aware, too, of the need to protect any data stored within the cloud – but what if you’re not au fait with the how of protecting cloud-based data?

Cloud encryption is performed through three strands: client-side, in-transit and at-rest. With client-side encryption, data is encrypted before it enters the cloud, making this the safest option and certainly the ideal one for high volumes of sensitive data. In-transit encryption occurs while data is being transferred from the device to the cloud, while at-rest encryption refers to the storing of data in an encrypted state on the cloud provider’s servers.

This infographic by Paradyn outlines a series of important tips to follow when encrypting data for your business’ cloud. Backup, backup, backup is a good place to start; you can never have too many copies of important data. It also helps to keep in regular contact with your cloud provider so that you know exactly what they can do for you and so that a trusted rapport can develop between both parties.

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