How to Become a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect


How to Become a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect

The rise of cloud computing and the rapid expansion in its functions and use has caught the attention of all major industries. With several tech companies now providing cloud platforms and solutions, the need for cloud computing experts is at an all-time high and a lot of IT professionals are interested in pivoting into this career.

However, this sudden change in the industry has created a challenge for IT firms and IT professionals all around the world. Pushing them to look into developing new skills to manage and make maximum use of cloud technology, IT professionals are faced with yet another task.

Handling cloud management systems requires a skilled and learned expert. Keeping up with the changing needs of the IT industry, such skills are developed by several courses, trainings, and certifications.

With a growing number of businesses finding the cloud to be their ultimate solution to cut down on costs, and enhance availability and security. There appears to be an increasing need for cloud tech experts. Wondering how one can make the most out of the situation? IT specialists are looking forward to learn new expertise, and develop all the necessary skills to boost their career with the help of latest innovations such as the introduction of cloud computing.

Future of Cloud Computing Experts

IT professionals, especially those that are immensely skilled in the field of cloud computing and the principles governing Microsoft Azure architecture are high in demand. While times that once favored Microsoft Solutions Certified experts appear to be well in the past, certifications for Microsoft Azure for cloud computing currently holds immense value in the industry; individuals with such certifications being highly sought after in the corporate world.

Microsoft Azure classes teach IT professionals to be trained with cutting-edge advancements and allow them to remain up-to-date with all the advancements in the field. This is especially important for IT professionals and works together as an essential element that allow them to maintain the position in the IT world. It also helps them catch up with their competitors and polish up their skills necessary for operating complex cloud computing solutions.

What Does Azure Training Entail?

A detailed training of Microsoft Azure requires IT professionals to learn coursework featured by Microsoft. Once the professional has learned the official material, they can then move on to other courses that are available online and enrich and enhance the knowledge in the field.

The standard Microsoft Azure training covers advanced usage of cloud technology such as the development of global apps that can help design hybrid cloud for an entire network.

The Course Material

Microsoft’s training starts with the basics, available both on demand and as standard Microsoft official curriculum. As you progress through various courses and appear in their respective exams, you gradually go from beginner to expert. There are separate MOCs (Microsoft Official Curriculum) for each level of difficulty, and these are available in classroom formats too.

Virtual Academy

Microsoft offers virtual courses online which help you develop Microsoft Azure skills and pave the way for you to become a Microsoft Azure architect. These virtual courses and e-books make sure that the learners and IT Professionals are provided with all the necessary materials to ensure complete and detailed learning.

This material is available at the MVA – Microsoft Virtual Academy and assists the learners to grasp all the essentials of the course and the training involved, along with self-tests to attempt and check their progress on the skill learning process.

The Certifications

Microsoft Azure solution architect certifications are constantly revised and improved. The new certifications paths are designed in a way that allows gradual learning and they combine the core infrastructure skills of the Windows Servers. The Certifications are awarded in three levels, listed below;

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – MCSA – Cloud

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate – Cloud Platform is an Azure training program designed for different Microsoft programs and products. The certification has a wide range of fields to choose from and can develop their skills in infrastructure, as well as their developer skills.

In order to progress and become an Azure architect, you must pass two exams along with showing your skills as a cloud administrator. You can get more information about this career path here.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate - Linux

The MCSA – Linux option portrays the importance of open source for MSCA. This shows the great implications of the field, Linux and Microsoft, both certifications are required to become an Azure architect.

MCSE Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Solutions Expert

This certification in the Azure training program is a perfectly balanced mix of infrastructure and cloud experience.

What Next?

Once you are done with your 3-part certification process to be an Azure architect, you need to pass one more exam. You can choose from a broad list of topics. The selected course will award you an Expert level certificaiton, instead of Associate level. MCSE or Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert is a better option if you are hoping for good employment opportunities and advancing in the industry with expert level skills of the cloud computing processes.

The relevant educational material and subject matter is available online and can be obtained with ease along with self-tests to check your skills.

What’s Next?

Now that you have become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, you could easily apply at companies looking for cloud architects and build your career by working on cutting edge technologies and earning big money for your specific skill set. If you are an IT professional and looking for possible future prospects, being a Microsoft Azure architect is the way to head to satisfy your need to learn the most advanced technological advancements and progress your career in the industry.

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