2021's Top 30 Cloud Certifications


2021's Top 30 Cloud Certifications

In this technological era, cloud computing has gained much excitement, investment and attention as compared to any other domain of information technology. Unquestionably, cloud is known as a stable match for end-users and service providers. Cloud also garnered fame among universal organizations and industries of every size. Consequently, cloud computing is attracting substantial analysis and consideration from certification providers and those organizations which are offering cloud-related products. Start your 30-day free trial to access over 900 courses.

What Good Is Cloud Certification?

There are numerous cloud-based credentials. However, employers are looking for IT experts who have expertise. And they also want to make sure that these experts are hitting the running ground in development and continuing cloud-related services. With an enormous advancement of cloud and its high fame all over the globe, IT experts with cloud computing certification are considered the preferred recruits.

2021's Best 30 Cloud Computing Certifications

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 30 best cloud computing certifications to pursue in 2021:

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered the ultimate leader in cloud computing. Amazon Web Services has made a major influence on the hunt for qualified experts with AWS skills. The AWS Solutions Architect is fundamentally the top cloud certificate, which is under a group of specialized certifications of AWS. You should have two years of experience in AWS Cloud together with operating, developing, and troubleshooting resolutions once you attain examination.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional

This kind of certification demands a little bit of experience as compared to the secondary level Amazon Web Services certification. Moreover, a person should have hands-on experience of more than two years in the role of solution architect and also have controlled and worked systems on Amazon Web Services. It also requires an understanding of AWS Management Console, AWS Cloud Formation templates, AWS Billing Console, AWS App Programming Interfaces and AWS Command Line Interface. The abilities authenticated by the certificate consist of those that are stated in the second level certification. It is also migrating critical and multi-tier apps on AWS, implement lucrative tactics and design and deploy enterprise-level safe, scalable, and strong operations on Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect - Associate

Microsoft takes second place in terms of cloud certifications. Microsoft is a close challenger of AWS, and MS Azure provides IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services via MS managed centers of data. MS owns precise certificates for numerous job roles that consist of Azure Developer, Azure Administrator and Azure Architect. It has shown that MS Certified Azure Solution Architects are the role-based Azure certificates from MS.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect - Expert

Applicants for this certificate are required to own an innovative level of understanding and experience in numerous domains of Information Technology operations. These operations include network, governance, budget, and management of data. Also, covers disaster recovery, business continuity, identity, and virtualization. This kind of role demands management regarding the ways to make decisions in almost every domain give an impact on the whole solution. Applicants should have competency in the domain of DevOps, Azure development, and Azure administration, as well as their specialized abilities in any one of these fields.

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

This certificate authenticates your level of understanding regarding the concepts of Azure and Cloud. The examination includes the essential topics of Cloud; major services of Azure, Azure valuing SLAs, and lifespans. Furthermore, you would learn the elementary level of security, confidentiality as they are relatable to Azure. The MS Certified-Azure-Fundamentals certificate wouldn’t expire. Thus, as soon as you clear the examination you would not require thinking about recertifying it.

IBM Certified Architect- Cloud Solutions v3

It is for individuals who draw strategies from scratch. If you are a person who would like to plan, design and architect IBM Cloud solutions, you must go for this certification. This certification also approves your capabilities that refer to the IBM Cloud. To attain this certificate, you require clearing the examination of C1000-017: IBM Cloud Solutions-Architect v3. However, you should have entire knowledge about the IBM concepts of cloud architecture and principles as you apply to take the examination. You should also consider that it is essential to assess the demands of the customer along with architect solutions that are reliant on it.

Cisco Certified Network Professional Cloud

The certificate is aimed to prepare IT experts who work in precise job roles just for daily basis tasks what they might face within their daily base routines. The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Cloud certification authenticates the capabilities of data center experts. Moreover, it also verifies the skills of managers, engineers, creators, and architects who work in the cloud-related environment. As is suggested by the name of the certification, it’s a specialized level certificate for skilled cloud specialists.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

This kind of certification verifies the capability of an applicant for managing data centers. It also authenticates the abilities in the domain of network virtualization, network, and identity-management, storing, and cloud-based technologies. It is considered a high-valued cloud-computing certificate, Since it assesses the capability of an applicant to keep managing the data centers in network virtualization, network, identity-management, and storing within cloud strategies that are linked to it.

Cisco Certified Network Administrator Cloud

CCNA Cloud originated in 1984 and has become a renowned name within the field of IT. Cisco is maintaining a strong universal existence, and it boasts more than 74,000employees all over the world, with revenue of $51 billion in 2019. Intending to provide support to their consumers and products, it generated a detailed certification and training program. Cisco offers certifications at entry, expert, secondary, architect and specialized levels. An initial-level certificate, the CCNA Cloud is targeting professionals of IT who work in roles of network or cloud administrator, or cloud engineer. Moreover, this credential authenticates the capability of an applicant as a way to support cloud-related Cisco solutions.

Salesforce Technical Architect

The hierarchy of a Salesforce architect is cutting around three tiers of the certifications. This certification is at the top tier of the Salesforce Architect credentials. If you are interested in getting your hands on this certificate, it’s suggested that you have a detailed understanding of several development frameworks. Moreover, you should be capable to utilize their experience and proficiency to evaluate the necessity of incoming customers. In that way, this enormous demand of clients has to be used to build high-performance, safe technical resolutions with the platform of Salesforce.

Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certificate is distinguished among top paying IT certificates. This credential deserves far better acknowledgment both in the context of income and career. Apart from this, Google offers both secondary and professional certificates to assess the proficiency of applicants in GCP and the facilities it provides for its clients.

Cloud Architect Certification

Nowadays, the cloud is an everlasting fixture for end-consumers and service suppliers, along with organizations of all sizes. This aspect emphasized an increase in the demand and very little supply within the market for proficient Cloud Architects. BLS gives the estimation of a 5-year progress rate of 23% by the upcoming year with the public cloud facilities that are worth $278 billion. Furthermore, it’s a professional-level certificate from Google, which is evaluating the skills of an applicant within the designing, generating and managing cloud resolutions on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

DevOps Cloud Engineer Certifications

As there is an increase in the demand for quick developmental approaches and continuous app deployments, the requirement for proficient DevOps Cloud experts is only increasing in the future. An expert Cloud DevOps Engineer is accountable for effective development processes that balance the service consistency and the speed of delivery. They have the competencies to use GCP as a way to generate software delivery-pipelines, organize and observe the services, and control and learn from the events. Getting a DevOps Cloud certificate is only a single way for prospective job applicants and workers to authenticate and show their abilities to attain a competitive edge among other candidates. Connect with our experts to learn about our cloud certifications.

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

When the most famous certification of MCSA was retired, Cloud Platform - certification, MS revealed their newest roster of IT certificates which line up openly with desirable job roles. This certification is a perfect one for Azure administrators who are managing cloud-related facilities such as span storing, safety, network, and cloud abilities. It authenticates the capability to keep and manage Azure storing, virtual types of machinery, virtual networking, identities, app services, etc. Furthermore, it’s also a precondition for the most innovative Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certificate.

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

It is considered the most popular Cloud certificate; AWS Developer-Associate is one of the renowned and highly paid credentials. In the period of the previous 2-years, this certification has achieved the rank among the top 5 for high paid United States certifications.  A person who accomplishes AWS Developer-Associate certification understands the main services of AWS and topmost practices. They are skillful to develop, deploy, and debug Cloud-related AWS apps. AWS Cloud-practitioner and technical expertise are the preconditions for this certificate. It’s suggested that applicants have practical experience of more than one year in maintaining and developing an AWS-related app.

Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

As a way to enhance the data processing abilities of Google Certified Professional, a proficient data engineer is required to convert data in a beneficial format for analysis. The Google Certified Professional Data Engineer certificate declares a person is capable in the setting of GCP, as well as capable enough to maintain and generate data structures and databases. This certificate is mainly aimed at data engineers, data architects, developers accountable to manage big data revolution edges, and data analysts. An approximated income of a specialized GCP Data Engineer is around $158, 224.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

This certification is another renowned cloud certificate. It is also linked with an above-average income range of $131, 554. Once you attain this certificate, you authenticate technical skills in management, deployment, and processes on the AWS framework. In that context, operations managers, system administrators, and other people are accountable to support operations on AWS. Those who are interested in attaining this examination will show their proficiency to potential employers. However, you might also be a developer or architect who is in a search of expanding your set of skills by adding further certifications to your toolkit.

Certified Cloud Security Professional

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) is a well-known cloud security certificate in our Information Technology Report of Skills and Salary. This (ISC2) certificate authenticates strong insight into cloud security as well as practical experience along with cloud security architecture, strategy, processes, and service adaptation. On the other hand, CCSP is not platform-specific; therefore, the owners of the certification will show their abilities in any of the cloud settings. However, the precondition for this certificate is 5-years in the domain of IT, with 3-years in info-sec. Getting this CISSP can be replaced for the entire requirements of the CCSP experience.

CompTIA Cloud+

It’s a vendor-neutral, performance-based certificate that covers technologies to assist in building and supporting cloud substructure. The certificate assists in identifying the set of skills that generate cloud strategies, networking, computing, and storing. The most sought-after applicants for this certification examination are the ones who are accountable to build and deploy computer networks and the ones accountable for the connectivity of the networks.

Google Associate Cloud Certification

The Google Associate Cloud Engineer organizes apps, observes operations, and also controls enterprise resolutions. They have an access to make use of Google Cloud Console as well as a command-line interface as a way to perform usual platform-based tasks. These tasks are done to maintain more than one deployed resolution that influences self-managed or Google-managed facilities on the Google Cloud.

Google Professional Cloud Architect Certification

This certification allows companies to influence Google Cloud strategies. By having a detailed knowledge regarding GCP and cloud architecture, they keep designing and developing. Furthermore, they can also manage robust, safe, measurable, highly approachable, and dynamic resolutions to accomplish their business goals.

Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

The Google Professional Data Engineer certification allows data-driven decision-making by gathering, altering, and broadcasting data. The Data Engineer must be capable enough to develop, generate, operationalize, and safely observe a data processing network. Moreover, they emphasize compliance and security; competence and scalability and consistency; and transportability and flexibility. They have to know how to influence, organize and constantly provide training to pre-existing ML frameworks.

Microsoft-365 Certified Enterprise Administrator - Expert

It is not a surprise that it is an extremely dedicated course that teaches essential abilities to become a higher-level administrator. It authenticates the skills of an applicant in networking, storage, and computing system services. Their estimated income is about $76, 660, and it is among the highest paid MS certifications.

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate

The Developer Associate course guides the most essential abilities for the development of the Cloud. Training in the domain of development consists of PaaS, IaaS, storing, safety, and solution optimization training. An estimated income of MS Certified Azure Developer Associate is around $31,550-74,660, but it all depends on your experience.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification

It allows the companies to develop and apply a safe substructure on GCP. With the knowledge of top practices of security and the safety demands of industry, they can architect, manage, and develops a safe substructure influencing Google security strategies. These experts must be competent in every domain of Cloud Security that includes; management of identity and accessibility of management, define structural arrangement and policies. They also use Google strategies to offer data security, configure network safety defenses, collect and analyze GCP logs, manage event responses, as well as knowledge about controlling concerns.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Network Engineer

This certification manages and applies networking architectures within the Google Cloud Platform. These experts own at least one year of practical working experience with GCP and might work on the network or else cloud-teams with the designers who plan the substructure. By influencing experience applying VPCs, networking facilities, and safety for established system designs, they guarantee effective cloud executions utilizing command-line interface/GCP Console.

GCP Professional Collaboration Engineer Certification

Professional Collaboration Engineer alters the goals of the business in noticeable configurations, plans, and safety-related practices since they are relatable to consumers, integrations, and content. Functioning with the engineering and resolutions approach, they are making use of tools, software design languages, and APIs to mechanize the flow of work. They are in a search of numerous opportunities as a way to provide training to end-users and optimize operative efficiency when they advocate for Google Workspace and the Google toolset.

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Developer Certification

The Professional Cloud Developer generates measurable and extremely approachable apps utilizing Google recommended tools and practices. These experts have experience with cloud built-in apps, designer tools, managed facilities, and upcoming generation databases. They also have competency in a universal purpose software design language and are trained to produce significant logs and metrics to trace and correct code.

VPC7- CMA (VMware Certified Professional)

It is a kind of cloud management and automation credential. Virtualizations are a significant role within cloud computing because it has been subsidized too much in it. The new cloud certificates of a company are relying on V-Realise and V-sphere 6.5. Moreover, there are some of the preconditions through which a person must have the certificate. An individual also must possess at least six months of experience in V-Realise and V-Sphere 8.

Cloud Certification by Arizona State University

This certificate nurtures your level of understanding and also offers an enhanced experience accompanied by projects. You will attain comprehensive knowledge regarding the topics of cybersecurity, blockchain, big data, and AI. The period of this course is 18 to 36 months with an approximated 20 hours every week. This certificate is best suited for those candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Significance of Cloud Computing Certifications

Certifications show expertise in a particular set of skills and domain(s) of IT. They also indicate that you have spent money and time advancing your understanding and skills. Moreover, it shows that you are willing to achieve further miles to stay connected with the continually developing IT industry. Organizations are putting great emphasis on certificates when they talk about IT positions because of the critical context of the work.


Some of the precise cloud certificates which are most appropriate for any of the particular IT experts are mainly reliant on their entire experience within the industry and cloud technology where they prefer to work. At this stage, we have assumed that you are acquainted with the top cloud certificates, which are guaranteed to enhance your salary. However, we have not considered a lot of different domains of cloud-related certifications. But the income data of those top cloud certificates is adequately enough for you to start your career in this field.

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