Understanding the Relationship Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization


Understanding the Relationship Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization

With all the buzz in the tech world about cloud computing, one just can’t wait to learn about the latest advancements introduced in this technology. With piles of information available on what it is and how IT experts have started to adopt this method, the real confusion that has risen is the relationship between cloud computing and virtualization.

Professionals that have obtained a cloud certification probably know what I’m talking about, but others are still lost. If you want to know how both these relate to each other, you’re at the right place!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the process of delivering computing services, like databases, servers, software, networks,  over the internet. Businesses that offer you access to cloud computing services are called cloud providers. They charge you according to your usage and how much space you take up on the cloud, which is similar to other utility bills that are pay-on-usage. This type of cloud is known as the public cloud. If you run a business and want your own cloud, you can buy a private cloud service and operate it from your own server.

The applications of cloud computing are almost everywhere; we just don’t realize it due to lack of awareness. We all have used some form of cloud computing throughout our lives like Hotmail, Gmail, Dropbox and Google Drive. In fact, movies, games and music are now all stored on the cloud through cloud computing services. Even the pictures you upload or share is made possible due to cloud computing services.

If you’re planning to become an expert on this subject, you can find many cloud computing tutorials available online.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a software program that transforms physical infrastructures into dedicated virtual resources. Virtual technology allows you to run multiple applications and software on the same server. You can relax all your physical hardware and operate on servers and partitions called virtual machines. Virtualization is an efficient and cost-effective technology to reduce your IT costs.

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How is Cloud Computing Different from Virtualization?

Virtualization transforms physical hardware into virtual machines while cloud computing is a kind of service that is used to store the transformed data.

Many people confuse the two because both these technologies work together to provide different types of services. However, in cloud computing, all the software and applications uploaded on remote servers and machines are controlled and owned by third parties.

To use these software and apps, you must log in to the service and gain access to your data through a web-based network, such as via a public cloud. Private clouds reside on a company’s intranet. Both these concepts have existed for decades but now have garnered attention among IT professionals.

You can think of virtualization as a process of creating several partitions in a hard drive, virtually. All partitions operate on their own at the same time. You can run many apps and operate software together on these partitions.

For example, if a computer is running on Windows 10, you create a Windows 7 environment with virtualization to run both operating systems together on the same computer.

As you can see, there is a major difference between the two technologies. In virtualization, you can operate and access networks from a single computer. On the other hand, cloud computing services are run on the internet and let you access by logging in from any computer and distance. However, you can upload these virtual servers and networks to a cloud service to have access to them through the internet from anywhere on Earth.

Still having difficulty in understanding the fact how both these technologies can actually work together?  Read on to find out.

What is the Link Between Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

Though they are two different technologies, it is essential for many private cloud-computing applications to have virtual machines working with them.

A question for people who don’t understand the relationship between these technologies is: How can you access your virtual networks and servers from different computers at long-distance?

The answer is: through a cloud service. You can learn cloud computing to understand all the technicalities in uploading virtual data for easy access through the internet.

Virtualization is also known as a component of cloud computing. How, you ask? If you plan to get a cloud computing service, you’ll need a virtualization software program first to create virtual networks and servers that you can upload on the private cloud. Private cloud computing doesn’t rely on a single technology, but virtualization is one of the best options. Virtualization makes a great contribution to the core concepts of cloud computing.

Wrap Up

Today, almost all major businesses are hiring IT professionals to transfer their business models from traditional computing methods to cloud computing. Statistics show that the cloud computing market grew 21% in 2015. Virtualization and cloud computing services are the future. If you are from a professional IT background, it’s essential for you to know the importance of these innovative technologies.

Many IT professionals who have a cloud certification have started using both technologies side by side and have succeeded in creating virtual networks on cloud computing services. You can also learn new ways to link together cloud computing and virtualization to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency and improve overall productivity.

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