Virtualization VS Cloud Computing: An Infographic


Virtualization VS Cloud Computing: An Infographic

It can be easy to get slightly confused between virtualization and cloud computing, as the two technologies are alike. However, there are notable differences between them – one cannot happen without the other. That’s because virtualization manipulates hardware to provide capability for cloud computing. Without virtualization, cloud computing would not be possible.

Virtualization enables one physical hardware system to act like many by creating multiple simulated environments from a single system, and it scales upward through the addition of resources to that system by one dedicated controller. Cloud computing enables multiple departments to access a single pool of resources and scales outward, with co-operation between numerous systems, each of which has its own controller.

The infographic below from The Missing Link explains the principal differences between the two technologies, providing a simplified guide for those who may not have been aware of their respective characteristics. For business decision makers especially, the distinction between virtualization and cloud computing is an important one to know.

Virtualization vs Cloud Computing

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