What Every IT Team Needs to Know About the Cloud


What Every IT Team Needs to Know About the Cloud

By definition, cloud computing is the practice of using a computer network on the internet to store and process data. The fact that the data is not stored on the hard drive of the computer that you are working on makes the data safe from natural as well as accidental damage. Since the inception of cloud computing, it has turned into a major modern day phenomenon. It is now being used in almost every IT company.

Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing has been the driving force behind the development of many cloud services. Microsoft Azure is one such cloud service that has grown leaps and bounds from the time it was launched. Azure provides a collection of integrated cloud services which are extensively used by developers and IT professionals. The services offered are used for building, deploying and managing applications through a global network of datacenters. With Microsoft Azure, a developer can design and deploy wherever he wants. He can build the apps using the tools, applications and frameworks of his choice anytime and anywhere.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing has a number of advantages over regular computing. An IT team that works towards fulfilling objectives within a certain deadline can benefit greatly by using cloud services like the one offered by Microsoft in the form of Azure.

Less Time Wasted on Installing Applications and Patches: As cloud computing allows you to work directly on a remote system with apps already installed, you are able to save a lot of time while using these services. The systems used via the cloud are already equipped with all the software and updates that you will ever need. You do not have to call up an IT guy for installing the next update and there is no need to wait countless minutes as the system reboots multiple times after an OS upgrade.

Best Services Available for Even the Startup Companies: In the past, startup companies were unable to make use of the latest and greatest applications as they did not have the finances to buy them. However, with cloud computing the same companies are able to make use of these applications by renting computer systems on cloud with these apps already installed. This has been a major boon for IT industry as even the smaller players are now able to keep up with the big boys.

Partnering with other companies for a Single Project: Before the inception of cloud computing, each company used to work on its project individually. Cloud computing has changed the rules of engagement and now companies have the option to develop applications side-by-side with other companies. Such associations give a company the option to design small modules by itself and pass on the responsibility for re-engineering the whole back end operation to a different company.

Challenges for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has many advantages, but it has certain challenges that need to be considered before diving into the cloud world. Cloud computing demands good IT leadership as the Cloud introduces new risks that an IT team needs to be briefed upon. Services like Microsoft Azure and other cloud services have security needs which are quite complex when compared to the traditional platforms. Keeping the hackers, viruses and malware out while keeping your sensitive information secure demands great scrutiny and efforts.

Another challenge which can be an issue for some IT teams, especially the ones on a low budget is the aggressive pricing model. IT vendors may try to sell you cloud applications bundled up with certain applications that you may not require at all. Hence, selecting your cloud services after considering the package and its pricing is extremely important.

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