How To Capitalize On The Skills Gap in The Web Development Sector


How To Capitalize On The Skills Gap in The Web Development Sector

The exponential growth of technology has given rise to a wide array of languages and platforms, which are used for completing a number of processes. Until now, specialization in one or two platforms was good enough to see you through your career. However, with changing times and increasing requirements in the IT industry, there has been a shift in focus. Nowadays, companies are struggling to cope with a widening tech skills gap, especially in computer programming skills. The field of web development is one of the more popular areas in tech, and people usually acquire this skill by going through a quick front end web developer bootcamp.

According to (as of January 02, 2018) a web developer earns an average salary of $73,486 that ranges between $62,913 and $83,980. It is quite a decent package, when we consider the fact that it is possible to earn such an amount by learning web designing from scratch. The attractive front-end web developer salary is one of the reasons why so many IT professionals are choosing web development as a career option.

Limitations of Skill and Future Trends

As discussed before, the scope of development is increasing with each passing day. Nowadays, a web developer is expected to perform more complex and elaborate tasks than ever before in the history of web tech evolution. The shift to the cloud and increase in the use of mobile devices has been the primary reason for the rise in demand of multi-skilled web developers. The integration of a myriad of devices available on the cloud to the IoT (Internet of Things) has increased the complexity of operations. The change in technology and approach towards web sciences has resulted in a need for skillful employees. It is not ideal for you to stay tied to a particular technology and hope that the experience in a single platform will help you maximize your potential. Evolving with time and updating your skill set can help a great deal in enhancing your front-end web developer job description.

Artificial Intelligence and Web Development

Artificial Intelligence is an amazing byproduct of human ingenuity that is expected to shape the future of human innovation, especially in situations where our brain power alone would not be enough to drive us forward. With the rapid rise of AI, it has been estimated that the Artificial Intelligence market will reach close to $100 billion in the next 5 to 8 years. An influx of innovative AI based web development solutions are expected to flood the market, which would probably reduce the time to design and deploy a website.

That being said, web development and design will always require a human touch. That’s why there are over 47,000 job openings for web developers in the USA alone this year. Looking at the current and predicted future trends, there are a few programming skills that can be learned for better career opportunities. Here is a list of skills you should acquire to capitalize on the skills gap in the web development sector:

1. Learn How to Use Cross-Platform Development Tools

The numbers of smartphone users visiting different websites is at an all time high right now. This means that as a web developer, you need to know how to use cross-platform development tools. Now, it has become important to know about software like Microsoft’s Xamarin, which enable developers to code for Windows, Mac OS X iOS and Android. There is no requirement of separate version of Xamarin for every single platform for which you need to code.

2. Learn How to Harness the Power of Java and Python

Python has set the benchmark when it comes to unleashing the power of coding for games, AI, and Big Data. With its simple syntax and beginner friendly attributes, it has become very popular amongst web developers. Likewise, Java has held its own when it comes to answering the demand of the web developers. A major chunk of Android app development is still done in this language and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) has become the tool of choice for large-scale business systems. If you want to stay relevant in the web development world for the next 5 years, you need to start learning the aforementioned languages.

3. Focus on Research and Thinking out of the Box

Though it was possible to survive in the past with fundamental knowledge of concepts and elementary operations, it would no longer be the case in the near future. In the coming time, you would need to have a creative bend of mind and an ability to think out of the box for coding efficiently.

4. Start Working Towards Becoming A Full-Stack Developer

In the next five years, it will be expected that you are capable of understanding all facets of web development. If you are a front-end developer, you would be required to brush up on your backend skills for gaining a better understanding of the whole operations and vice versa.

Stay Abreast of Web Technology with Front End Web Developer Bootcamp

The future definitely has a lot of surprises in store with regards to the evolution of technology. If you are looking to make it big in the IT industry, you need to stay open to all the possibilities and start learning about different platforms and languages. In order to bridge the skill gap between demand and supply, many enterprises are headhunting candidates with the right skill set. If you want to improve your chances of getting selected in the job screening processes of prestigious organizations, you should start studying today. In order to get ahead of the competition, you should learn from the best and leverage your knowledge for overcoming challenges of the future.

With a course at an institute like QuickStart, you can surely bolster your chances of selection. Courses like the front end web developer bootcamp are devised for introducing you to the most popular languages and technologies that will empower the web development processes for the next five years.

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