Cost & ROI: Are Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth It?


Cost & ROI: Are Cybersecurity Bootcamps Worth It?

Cybersecurity ranks among the highest paid, fastest-growing industries today. In the next decade alone, the cybersecurity job market is forecasted to grow 33%. That's a growth rate much higher than the average across all markets, one that indicates the massive opportunities available to anyone interested in cybersecurity.

Perhaps you’re interested in taking the next step in your educational journey, or earning one of the tens of thousands of yearly cyber positions projected to become available. Maybe you’re looking to change your career, or elevate your credibility in anticipation of a promotion.

With the growing expansion of cybersecurity threats and parallel migration of corporate data to the cloud, the need is greater than ever for informed, talented cybersecurity professionals to help keep information safe and accessible.

What are my cybersecurity education options?

Cybersecurity makes a few different educational paths available, no matter the reason why you’re interested in information technology and data protection.

When you’re considering the best way to learn cybersecurity basics, you’ll find two popular options: In-person and online learning. Both a traditional and an online curriculum offer a number of benefits. Typically, one learning model will better accommodate your preferences, timeline, budget and career aspirations.

Traditional, an in-person cybersecurity education allows you to learn from renowned field experts, most often in a classroom environment.

By contrast, a cybersecurity bootcamp often serves as a faster, more immersive education alternative. Students can learn at their own pace, from industry-leading experts in cybersecurity fields like network infrastructure, data compliance, penetration testing and digital forensics.

If you're ready to take concrete steps toward a rewarding tech career, we're ready to help. Our mentor-led courses, 1:1 career coaching and hands-on labs help prepare you for a future of your choice. Achieve a 251% ROI from any of our cybersecurity bootcamps less than two years after you begin.

How much can I make from a cybersecurity position?

After completing your cybersecurity bootcamp, you’ll be a strong candidate to lead any one of a variety of cyber careers. You might be hired to support an IT team, protect a cloud infrastructure, even investigate digital data as part of a forensics investigation.

On average, you can expect a salary around $84,000 per year after graduating from a high-quality cybersecurity bootcamp. After a year or two in the cybersecurity industry, you can expect further improvements on this already impressive base salary.

You can earn virtually any of the highest-paying cybersecurity jobs after completing an established cybersecurity bootcamp. Depending on your interests, you might want to pursue one of the following career options:

  • Cybersecurity architect
  • Penetration tester
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Network security engineer
  • Digital forensics investigator
  • IT manager

In some cases, your starting salary might reach six figures. Of course, your exact salary will depend on a number of factors, including your employer, active certifications and education.

What will I learn in a cybersecurity bootcamp?

In a matter of weeks, cybersecurity bootcamps teach both basic and advanced cyber concepts that can help you land a rewarding career in cybersecurity. Learn from experienced mentors, and earn 12 months of career coaching even after your bootcamp concludes. Depending on your interests and the individual cybersecurity bootcamp you enroll in, students might learn the following skills:

  • Security foundations
  • IT fundamentals
  • Threat/vulnerability defense
  • Risk management
  • Computer forensics
  • Cryptography

Along with a variety of other cyber-related skills, you’ll develop a rich understanding of cybersecurity as an industry. The best cybersecurity bootcamps offer both instructors and career mentors, to help you secure a high-level cybersecurity position after you graduate from the bootcamp itself.

Cybersecurity bootcamps also allow you to collaborate with your peers, as you learn concepts and tackle projects identical to real-world cyber scenarios. Whether you’re interested in ethical hacking, threat modeling, data encryption or another facet of the cyber industry, cybersecurity bootcamps help make quick work of the learning process.

Are cybersecurity bootcamps worth the investment?

Absolutely. Cybersecurity bootcamps are entirely worth your time, money and effort.

Without a doubt, a cybersecurity bootcamp is one of the best education technology investments you can make. Both because of the industry and its potential, cybersecurity bootcamps equip students of all ages with the skills, topical knowledge and confidence to own the cybersecurity space.

Cybersecurity bootcamps do require an initial investment. Our cybersecurity bootcamp pricing begins around $6,800 — a small price to pay for your anticipated salary immediately after you complete the bootcamp weeks later. That price earns you years-long access to courses, mentorship, career coaching, and real-world projects that qualify you as an ideal candidate for hire.

To help encourage your interest in cybersecurity and open the door to a variety of career options, Quickstart offers a variety of cybersecurity bootcamps for students of all skill levels. Whether you’re closing the doors on a master’s degree or still pursuing an undergraduate certificate, our immersive cybersecurity bootcamps teach you everything you need to know about the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.

If you’re serious about advancing your cybersecurity career, a cyber-focused bootcamp should serve as your preferred education option. Even if you still have a full-time job, our flexible hours and on-your-time learning model makes the next step an easy one.

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