4 Ways Big Data Will Influence Business Decisions in 2019


4 Ways Big Data Will Influence Business Decisions in 2019

Every organization that wishes to operate successfully must strategize its data and set up the right plan to collect, secure, and use it effectively. Data has become the buzzword you can find on everybody's lips. Regardless of the industry, you are operating in, you cannot survive without data. And that does not only mean just any data, big data. And if you still think Big Data has no relevance with your business, you are really missing the boat. Keeping the pace at which businesses are moving forward these days, big data and its implication definitely have an impact on every type of company. From small startups to Fortune 500, big data can change the way you do business - inside and out.

Using analytics to break down big data brings tremendous benefits to the business. The most prominent benefit is giving real and valuable insights about customers that enable organizations to make a more informed decision. In short, it wouldn't be wrong if we say that big data definitely influences business decisions today and in the years to come.

Why Big Data is Becoming Influential

Big Data is transforming the approach and modes of the present business scenarios. With big data, an organization needs to keep up with the four key attributes including value, volume, velocity, and variety. The volume, of course, refers to the amount of data collected on a daily basis. However, with this new approach, the big data will be much more structured and organized to help the business grow and prosper. When we say big data, it really is enormous. Since the sources of data collection have increased tremendously, the organization can pull out much more data from the consumers than ever before. Previously, the major issue was collecting and storing big data, but new age technologies like cloud computing have simplified that problem considerably.

Now, all you are left with is processing the big data into valuable insights that businesses can use to make important decisions. Of course, organizing and processing is a crucial component to get your hands on the information you can actually put to use. However, this requires a proper understanding of big data, business values, and the tools and software utilized to collect data from the sources. And this can be done through data science training. The training does not only help the team compile and break down data into useful insights but also enables them to use the best business intelligence software to collect data. The more information a company collects and utilizes, the better the decision it can make.

Ways Big Data Impacts Business Decisions

The decision-making process that involves big data can have a significant impact on businesses at all levels. And even though the requirements of each business model is unique, every business can utilize big data to improve its decision-making regarding productivity, revenue channels, and reputation.


Big data analysis has simplified the process of measuring business reputation. This was a major concern a few years back that big data has conveniently resolved. The collected data provides insights to formulate strategies that help improve public perception. Organizations can refer back to the data from different social media platforms to gauge how the customers feel about the brand, products, and services. The details collected from social platforms also gives insights into customer satisfaction and interactions. These details can directly give an idea if the company is able to satisfy and interact with the customers. Companies utilize big data to make important decisions related to social media marketing, customer relations, communication mediums, and overall branding.


When an organization focuses on increasing profitability, it must work on improving its productivity and operational efficiencies. Organizations can utilize different ERP programs to analyze business function all the way to the accounting procedures. Similarly, other software and tools can be implemented to record the transactions in real time and store the data into the software. This data collected can give details about the operational efficiency and productivity of the business. The details can help you make decisions about automating processes, which can result in better productivity and profitability. Big data allows you to identify your more productive employees and highlights better processes and machines that leads to overall increased productivity.

In short, the possibilities are endless. With the details in hand, an organization can make important decisions about customized procedures to improve profitability. Big data offers massive potential. The key is to learn how to sort it out, and big data training can help you with that.

Revenue Channels

Businesses are already sitting on a data goldmine as it is now able to extract information from multiple different channels. And finding the next one becomes much easier when you already have a massive amount of data in hand. Also, big data helps the team find out about more responsive marketing channels that could help with promoting products and services. Since an organization has more information about reliable channels, launching a new service or product becomes less risky. The information available with big data helps analyze product reviews, customer complaints, current transactions, etc. This information can be further dug through to find out new opportunities that can be utilized for bigger revenue channels for the business.


Last but not least, an organization can make major decisions about the current operations it is carrying out. Big Data draws a clear line between beneficial operations and those that are not offering desirable results. Not all operations within the organization are productive and worth investing in. However, it is difficult to identify those processes until they are analyzed in isolation from the rest of the system. This can be done through big data so the business can make better and more productive decisions about operations that it should continue with for better results.

There's definitely a reason why a data scientist job is considered as one of the most appealing jobs of the 21st century. It is a trending career that is taking the modern business world by storm. And for any business that wants to utilize its big data in the best possible way, investing in training the employees for data science analyst is the right way. 

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