Data Science Certifications Will Instill Valuable Big Data Extraction and Transformation Expertise


Data Science Certifications Will Instill Valuable Big Data Extraction and Transformation Expertise

The reliance of businesses on data is increasing by the day. The amount of data being collected is rapidly growing, and it is changing the way businesses work. According to an article published on Forbes, the collection of data is increasing by the second and by 2020 one person will be generating 1.7 megabytes of data per second. It is because of these undeniable facts that it is extremely important for organizations to catch on to Data Science because this what the future of businesses will be all about.

Following are the five benefits that your business will reap by adopting Data Science and analytics:

Becoming Proactive

Businesses face competition all the time. The competition is not only about obtaining new customers, but it is also about understanding the needs of your customers in order to establish lasting relationships. Using data science to analyze and interpret the data collected from your customers is very important. It will help you in not only understanding their needs but also anticipating them, which will eventually help you in coming up with products and services that best suits their needs. Businesses have always been and will always be about catering to the needs of your customers, and you can only achieve that by closely following the latest trends and changes. These changes will help you in creating a strategic roadmap for new and improved services, features, and innovation.

Personalization and Customer Service

Organizations need to increasingly responsive nowadays to handle the volatility of data created by customers through the use of digital technology. Through Data Science it is now possible to make each customer feel individually valued. Extraction of big data through data science training and certification such as Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R and Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning, now allows the businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers based on their personalities.

Optimizing Customer Experience

A lot of issues and problems can arise due to poor operations and management, including a very high chance of damaging and affecting your customer's experience which will ultimately lead to losing brand loyalty. You can use Data Science to improve your productivity, field operations and, efficiency along with optimizing your workforce according to the needs of your business and customer demands. Utilization of Data Science and analytics will help you improve your business practices continuously and promote improvement on a regular basis.

Data Science VS Big Data    

Big Data simply means the collection of a large amount of raw data and analyzing it to draw various conclusions. It can be both unstructured or structured. Structured data is easy to organize and analyze whereas unstructured data is tough to analyze and uses a number of different formats. Big Data helps you in increasing your client's commitment because it will allow you to have more meaningful interactions with them and it enables you to come up with better marketing proposals. This will eventually lead to profitable and longer relationships. Data science and big data are inseparable because Data Science is an approach that uses statistics, mathematics, and computer tools to process and analyze Big Data. Data Science training allows data scientist to use a variety of approaches to process big data and draw valuable insights from it.

Your company can have a collection of huge amount of data but might still not be able to make the most of that information or use that data to benefit your business. This is where Data Science comes in. It is only through Data Science training that you will be able to use data in a manner that is beneficial for your business. Big Data is a very vast term that includes data collected from multiple sources and includes all type of data formats. Whereas Data Science is a field involving techniques, models, programming tools, and scientific approach to process Big Data. You need to have data science training to derive relevant information from Big Data that will help you in making valuable decisions.

Data Science will help you with generating the following insights by processing and analyzing Big Data:

  • Speech/image recognition
  • Web development
  • Risk, fraud detection
  • Digital advertisements
  • Internet searches
  • Search recommendations
  • Other miscellaneous utilities/areas

Data Science Training

Big Data is useful, but without the proper tools and training that is required to analyze and process it, it won't be much use to your business. This data-driven business age is not just about collecting data and storing it for the future. It is about gathering data and drawing valuable insights from it. Insights that will help you in improving your business, products, services, and marketing campaigns. Customers are becoming very specific about what they need, and in order to build trust, brand loyalty, and long-lasting relationships business need to keep up with the demands of their customers.


In order to achieve all this, you need to have a team with Data Science certification. Just like it is important to step into the future and use Big Data for your business, it is important for you to have a qualified team of individuals who know how to organize and process data in a way that allows them to draw value from it. Raw data in and on its own will not be of great value, but with the right person with Data Science training, the same data can help you create products and come up with services that your customers are looking for. Hire data scientists that will help you make the most out of big data. Data science is the future of how businesses will work and in order to stay ahead of your game you need a team that is up to date and trained so that they can use the best techniques and tools used to make the most of the collected data.

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