Top 10 Data Science Influencers


Top 10 Data Science Influencers

We live in an era where modern technologies are the buzzwords everyone talks about. Technologies like data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are being discussed even if people are not fully aware of them. Well, that is a positive sign to go with, right? People from non-technical backgrounds seem to misunderstand these technologies the most. If we put them in simple words when we try to simulate human brain functions by a robot or machine, is called artificial intelligence. The ability to learn as the name implies, but from the environment itself and without any kind of programming. And now, the hottest topic of today's world data science. We all are well aware of data, but do we know what and what we can do using data? Well no worries, as data science is here to save the day. Data science is the techniques and practices that help us find the real value of data, the sense that matters for us.  Statistics, mathematics, and data analytics all the methods are applied in this process.

In comparison, data science beats AI and ML in terms of the market and popularity as it is widely used in today's time. A lot of big organizations are running because of data science. Their products and marketing strategy ideas are coming from data science. For data science to give you fruitful results, you just need to feed in the past data about the topic and after all the processes like data modeling, data analysis, you get your results. You then apply those insights to decide on a product's future or anything you want. And there you go, it is a success. It did not just reach the place it is sitting at right now. There are efforts of influencers who told the world how beneficial data science is. 

Top 10 Data Science Influencers

The world of data science is very fast-paced. New trends are coming every day, and it is hard for anyone to keep up with the latest trends. But if you are a data scientist, you have no other option. It is a way for you to improve and acquire the latest skills needed for data science. Getting information online is one of the ways, but the online world is quite extensive and time-consuming.

Or, we can use social media to stay up to date with all the latest news and trends. It will also save us the time that we will spend finding it online. And we can also learn new skills in social media. We spend a lot of time on social media anyway, why not getting the knowledge from data science influencers. Here is the list of top 10 data science influencers you can learn a lot from.

  1. Kirk Borne

The first data science influencer on the list in Kirk Borne also known as Captain Kirk. He is one of the top influencers of data science, and all the data scientists should follow him. Back in the days, when the 9/11 attack occurred, the US government wanted to use data mining for the prevention of terrorist attacks. They called Kirk Borne to brief the US president about all the possibilities.

  1. Ronald Van Loon

Ronald Ban Loon is a big name in not only data science but also in big data, business intelligence, and many other fields. He keeps updating about the new trends in the field and inspires people to join data science Bootcamp if they want to be an expert in data science.

  1. GP Pulipaka

Dr. Pulipaka has more than 9 years of experience in the field of data science. He is working as the chief data scientist right now at Accenture Technology. He shares his knowledge and resources through his social media that helps a lot of people.

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  1. Merv Adrian

Merv Adrian, a name that is well known in the field of data science. He is the vice president of Gartner and also writes blogs on Gartner's website.

  1. Carla Gentry

Carla Gentry is a data scientist that has been helping businesses making the right decisions for almost two decades now. She is a data influencer who does her work with so much passion, and people get inspired easily by her.

  1. Vincent Granville

He is the co-founder of data science central and also works as an executive data scientist there. He shares all the latest information and trends about the field.

  1. Randy Lao

If you are an aspiring data scientist and want to build your career in data science, you should follow Randy Lao. He has shared a lot of resources on his website that you should not miss.

  1. Marcus Borba

He is a data science advisor by profession, and influencing is a part of his job. So we can only imagine how good he will be.

  1. Cindi Howson

Cindi has been in the field of data science for more than 20 years and she knows all the secrets about the field. One should follow her on social media to learn from her experience.

  1. Judith Hurwitz

Judith emerged as a leader in the field of data science, and currently, she is the CEO of Hurwitz and Associates. She provides resources and the latest news on her social media.

These are the top 10 influencers in the field of data science, and all the young data scientists should follow them if their goal is to become great like them one day.

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