6 Microsoft Azure Training Courses for Enterprise DevOps Teams


6 Microsoft Azure Training Courses for Enterprise DevOps Teams

A combination of development and operations, DevOps is an approach towards software development. We find its origin from the agile methodology. This technology has much to offer at both the enterprise and production level. There can be seen a huge demand to master DevOps skills through Azure Certification. Let’s take a look at Azure training courses that Enterprise DevOps teams’ can pursue to make the best use of their skills and experience.

DevOps Fundamentals with Azure

DevOps is the new reality of the IT world. The first step to a professionally better tomorrow is to master the skills for DevOps. You may have observed that the traditional infrastructures have slow processing while DevOps decreases the amount of time it takes for implementation of change. This course will help you in learning to increase your IT system’s speed. It will provide you with the art to operate the set of automation tools, you will be able to do more with less resources and be able to perform more complex tasks. Azure certification training will enable you to deliver faster results to your customers, the certification will provide you with solutions making it easy to implement the changes.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

As per the name suggests, this course provides IT professionals with the skills and knowledge that enable them to practice and integrate DevOps. If you are an individual who wants to build the culture of DevOps in the organization and want to gain knowledge about DevOps so they can bring about agility in the delivery process, then this course is for you! There are many professionals out there with the curiosity regarding the cultural shift organizations have to make to practice DevOps, but they do not have enough skills or experience to perform. Azure Certification can certainly enable you to perform so. The course will also teach you management release and continuous release strategies. Using a VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), you will be able to construct a continuous integration build. With this certification, you will be able to understand many testing options.

DevOps Foundation Certification

There is not just competition among professionals out there to get the best jobs but also amongst organizations so they can compete with newbies in the industry on a daily basis. They have the tough responsibility to equip themselves with more resources and tools in order to gain the customer’s interests. To do so, employers want to add that extra value to their organization. DevOps through its foundation course lets you become that adding value agent for employers in their organization. This course covers concepts and practices associated with the principles of DevOps and at the same time some real-world cases such as Disney, Capital One and Alaska Air. The course provides interactive exercises to its learners, so they get to acquire an in-depth understanding of DevOps.

Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA)

This course is particularly for those individuals who want to work in design, execution, and management. The course material focuses on the metrics, process and cultural aspects related to continuous delivery. Learners also get a chance to discover more essential benefits associated with continuous delivery, for instance, increased speed to help organizations in retorting to market changes on time. This helps the organization to improve its performance in light of competition and decrease risk at the same time keeping costs at a minimum. This course helps DevOps managers to gain knowledge and concepts mentioned in bestselling IT books so they can construct efficient and effective deployment strategies.

DevOps Test Engineering (DTE)

Those IT professionals who have been working to deploy a testing strategy for DevOps will find this course useful. This course teaches testing skills to personnel belonging to development, operations, and security. It creates an environment of testing in DevOps and at the same time teaches active use of test automation and early testing in the process of the development cycle. Test engineering is the main element of DevOps and the reason behind its successful implementation as a pipeline for digital transformation. Learners will be given practical scenarios to learn from, and sample documents and templates will be provided.

Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM)

This course serves as an introduction to Agile Service Management where the implementation of an agile approach is discussed. This course gives an insight into DevOps managers so they can improve the efficiency and performance of their IT infrastructure. It teaches them to add value and work on enhancing requirements through an agile approach and application.

The Dev of development and the Ops of operations has been working hand-in-hand and reflects agility and infrastructure. The course adjoins elements of learning and accomplishments of an IT expert to deliver value addition to the business. This course has been built to provide agile service management. The idea is for Dev to work on managing services and not products while Ops to work on delivering more value in less time. In a DevOps environment, multiple practices are taught to professionals, and the course is open to not just DevOps managers but also to owners and designers who wish to pursue agility.


While people are getting their bachelors in IT to be the top demand of employers one may doubt the value of certifications. Many feel that even after a certification there will not be much guarantee of jobs or skill enhancement. Till date experience is termed to be the more determining factor of one’s skills. To answer this Human Resource professionals have expressed their demand and need for Azure training and Azure certifications due to its renowned affiliation with Microsoft.

 According to the latest surveys, job ads mention cloud certifications as a requirement, and it will not be wrong to say it’s a good idea to invest in them for career growth. To learn more about DevOps training courses and your options, contact our Azure expert today. 

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