Agile Scrum Master Certification: 7 Things You Need to Know in 2019


Agile Scrum Master Certification: 7 Things You Need to Know in 2019

Students and professionals around the world pursue top IT certifications to uplift their experience and career in the industry. Among the major certifications, Agile Scrum Master certification is designed to provide learners with detailed insights into a widely popular Agile Scrum project methodology.

As you pass through 2019 and into the future, you need to know the essential concepts of Agile as a project management approach, learn how to handle project management personnel, develop and deploy top-notch products, and employ the best practices in your team or organization. Students pursuing DevOps training and related IT courses are also advised to acquire the Agile Scrum Master certification to broaden their knowledge base.

This is where you need to learn some important pointers in 2019 and beyond.

Course Objectives

Any platform offering a professional level certification in Agile Scrum pretty much follows the same course objectives. The course will introduce you to some ideal practices and key concepts related to Agile and Scrum. Just a refresher, agile project management is usually preferred in case of complex, unpredictable projects and 50% and over Agile projects rely on Scrum as the most popular agile methodology. The course gradually guides you from the relevant prerequisites to the advanced topics and gets you prepared for the certification exam.

The entire point of the certification is to help you acquire expertise in Scrum, improve your abilities to create and deliver top products to the clients, and use the learned concepts in your organizational IT infrastructure. Alongside the practical concepts, you’ll already learn how to initiate and manage the project on JIRA in order to enhance the project’s organizational value and reducing the likelihood of potential risks.

Learning Skills on Board

Agile Scrum Master Certification comes with a plethora of skills that IT students use to uplift their career and pursue other advanced courses such as DevOps training, NetApp certifications and more. Some of the powerful skills you’ll be entitled to learn to include getting acquainted with Scrum concepts and their usages; enabling daily scrums, user stories, sprint planning, and reviews; ability to generate various Scrum artifacts such as product backlog, sprint backlog, and completed deliverables; executing a distributed Scrum in teams across different geographic; learning about the role of Scrum Master in an organization supporting Scrum; setting and managing project on a JIRA platform; and applying all the learned concepts to maximize the value and output out of the organization’s IT system.

The audience of Agile Scrum Master Certification

The core audience of the Agile Scrum Master certification is professionals employed in the IT sector such as project managers; team leaders; Scrum team members like Scrum Masters, managers, developers, product owners; teams shifting towards the Scrum approach, and even candidates actively pursuing and wanting to pursue the Scrum Master certification.

Essentials of Scrum Master

We already know that a Scrum Master is entitled to some of the most important duties in the entire Agile Scrum Master science. Hence, it is important to learn about the role in as much detail as possible. The role of a Scrum Master somewhat resembles that of a role-playing video game, however, the job is much more complicated and stands on pure leadership capabilities. A Scrum Master is responsible for facilitating a genuine scrum process over the duration of a project. The professional will oversee the Scrum framework, enabling relevant processes for the Scrum team, product owner, and enterprise.

Due to the numerous benefits in store, Scrum is on the path of continuous growth. According to 2017 The State of Scrum Report by Scrum Alliance, around 89% of agile users prefer using the Scrum methodologies, where 62% admitted they have an in-house Scrum Master or coach, and 86% hold a Scrum meeting on daily basis. The stats easily portray the importance of a pro-Scrum Master in a team or organization, and no Scrum team is advised to work without one.

Becoming a Scrum Master

Acquiring the Agile Scrum Master certification puts you on the right path to become a professional Scrum Master in an IT setup. Generally speaking, the Scrum Master isn’t involved in the decision-making activities, but only acts as a guide for the team on the basis of his/her expertise and authority in the field. The Scrum Master will employ various roles in the team such as ensuring that goals, scope, and product domain are clear to the product owner and other team members. The present tactics and tools to manage the product backlog and educate the team on the need to clear and concise the product backlog items.

How to Become a Scrum Master

Apparently, one of the most important questions, how to become a Scrum Master? The most straightforward path is through professional certification. There are different platforms available online offering Scrum Master Certifications with more or less the same caliber and learning outcomes. The primary aim is to help the candidates in learning how to make the Scrum teams work at their best potential. Candidates need to have a decent knowledge about the Scrum framework as a prerequisite. The certification will educate you on the basics of a Scrum framework and learn the different roles, artifacts, and rules in a team.

For in-depth knowledge, students can even explore related, practice-based articles or even pursue top DevOps certifications to acquire sound expertise in the Scrum concepts. Acquiring such top certifications puts you in a solid position to acquire a real-world experience, which in turn opens new doors of opportunities in various industries worldwide.

Scrum Master Job Outlook

A certified Scrum Master is able to earn an average of $70,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on the region and industry. Yes, a successfully complete Agile Scrum Master exam enhances your chances considerably to land the job, also because your skills and expertise are verified by a reliable third party.

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