CAN and CVEs in information security explained


CAN and CVEs in information security explained

As the digital world continued to develop and seek more spontaneous and consistent processes for automating their operations, and vulnerabilities persisted. Not only in the form of the software crashes but also in terms of networking and other protocols widely practiced. However, this advancement in threats and attacks made the professionals incorporate certain protocols and systems in place to combat these threats. CAN and CVE in information security are the latest standard protocols that are widely interpreted and instated for the sake of detecting vulnerabilities and making sure that no such events linger in the networking side of the business;

CAN networking

What is it?

CAN or controller area network is the latest communication system in the world of the automotive. Other than networking of the cars there are other hidden aspects to the CAN. Many businesses and organizations use this specific protocol for the sake of automating their working operations. This way they will be able to connect almost all their devices on a single networking system for the sake of identifying the threats and other vulnerabilities that lies within this single network. Other than having to go for different sections of the networking and underlying the vulnerabilities that lie there, a single network would be doing the whole trick.

Tips and benefits of the CAN networking

CAN networking comes with plenty of benefits and features to consider. Here is a list of all the benefits that come along by using this improved and updated networking suite. The most obvious benefit of using the CAN interface is that it takes away the use of wiring and similar aspects completely. It will surely increase the overall performance of the system no matter if it is used for the sake of organizations or businesses. Different electric environments such as servers, computers, or other modules can work with the same interface at different electric capacities.

This is far more important for the sake of maintaining a single networking system than having to tangle along with different networking systems and maintain or configuring different systems. The most obvious tip that will help you while dealing with the CAN system is to implement it earlier than most of the rivals and then keep up with it the best you can.        

CVE Technology

What is it?

CVE is loosely translated into common vulnerabilities and exposures. It is a program that was launched in 1999 for the sake of identifying and cataloging vulnerabilities that are present in the firmware or software systems. There is even a free dictionary available in which there are varied terms that translate into the vulnerabilities and their exposures as faced by the organizations and businesses. You can use that dictionary for the sake of improving the overall security of the organizations and battling these exposures and vulnerabilities that persists.

Dictionary will then further help you in the standardization of the way each vulnerability is exposed or identified. This helps in classifying the vulnerabilities and then applying a particular response method for the sake of containing the vulnerability or taking all the settings to an optimum value.

What is the vulnerability in computer security?

A vulnerability in computer security or software is a glitch or mistake that persists in the code of the software and provides an attacker or hacker with direct access to the system or the network. Once the access id provided to the hacker or they gain it using their illicit means you can't be so sure what they will do with the infrastructure they now have the control of. It can be very scary once you try to apprehend it. It also allows the attacker in gaining control as a superuser and steers along with the system the way they please.

What is exposure to computer security?

Exposure is when an attacker gains access to the security or networking interface of the organization and steal important data or user information. After stealing they might then try to sell it or further use it for their illicit gains. Remember the exposure can’t happen if vulnerability doesn’t exist to support it in the first place.

Can CVE be used for breaking into a network?

Yes, hackers can use the CVE systems that you have implemented to identify vulnerabilities and exposures for keeping these cybercriminals at bay in the first place. Following are the disturbed settings of a CVE that needs to be better restored;

  • CVE lists only the vulnerabilities and exposures that are publicly known, which means that the hacker already knows about them anyway and will not be using the same techniques over and over therefore be ready for the surprise.
  • When it comes to containing the situation of a breach then it takes more time to the organizations for the sake of exploiting a particular vulnerability then it takes a hacker to identify it, prepare a complete setup to launch the attack, and then exploit it.
  • There is a growing agreement among the InfoSec community that sharing of the information is rather crucial and beneficial for the sake of identifying different vulnerabilities and taking care of them before things can go too far away. Key InfoSec organizations have already taken the mantle and doing their best to implement this strategy through and through.

Benefits/tips of using CVE

  • The first thing that you need to take care of is to employ your products and services in an interoperable fashion which means that all of them are connected with each and other and can work quaintly with each other. This will help you in the protection of your enterprise.
  • Compatibility is the key here, as all your products and services are compatible with all the standards and protocols that you have implemented into the place then it can become easier to take care of them and manage them appropriately.
  • Updates and fixes must be implemented sooner than later because this way you will be able to contain a vulnerability before it can be exposed by a cybercriminal or hacker.

Various cybersecurity certifications nowadays implement the use of such standards and adoptions which will help you to become an even more secure and consistently operational place than ever before.

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