COVID’19: An Opportunity or Threat to Businesses?


COVID’19: An Opportunity or Threat to Businesses?

The current outbreak of COVID’19, also known as the Coronavirus disease, has greatly affected the business and education sector. The widespread of the disease has taken a million lives across the globe. To stop it from spreading further, governments have taken strict actions such as lockdown of businesses and educational institutions for an unidentified period. The actions are necessary but have heavily affected the economy of the world. During this tough situation, businesses are taking steps to operate its functions remotely. Employees are asked to work from home and complete their daily tasks. Even though businesses are functioning remotely, it’s hard for organizations to cover loss, this has led organizations to cut down employees.

Impact of Current Economy Crisis on Employees Productivity and Learning

The current economic crisis has majorly affected employee productivity and learning.  The rise in the economic crisis has negatively impacted employee productivity. Some of the major reasons for the decline in employee productivity are as follows:


The economic crisis is causing organizations to face huge losses. To cover these losses, organizations tend to downsize employees. The fear of losing job results in the decline of employee productivity and learning.

Salary Reduction

When it comes to survival, organizations tend to cut their cost. During this pandemic, organizations are implementing salary reduction. Many organizations are reducing the salary and bonus of senior employees. Thus, resulting in demotivating employees and a decline in productivity.

How Work from Home is Affecting Employee Productivity

During this difficult time, organizations are looking forward to the option of work from home. As easy and comfortable work from home sounds, it has its drawbacks. These drawbacks are also affecting the employee’s productivity.

Communication Challenges

It is hard to communicate with team and co-workers online as it requires a steady internet connection. Face-to-face interaction is easier because you can clearly understand the other person’s point of view just by looking at their facial expressions and gesture. However, with online communication, it is hard to understand, which leads to developing wrong perceptions.

Difficult to Manage Teams

It is hard to manage the team and get the tasks done when you are not around. Many employees are taking work from home as vacation and do not submit work on time. When a task is delayed, other departments also suffer, which reduces the overall productivity of the organization.

Low Motivation

Employees require motivation to submit their work timely. It is easier to motivate employees in person. However, it is hard to motivate an employee when you can’t interact. Hence, employee productivity is compromised.

Distracting Environment

To completely focus on your day to day task, it is necessary to have a peaceful environment that’s free of distractions. However, with work from home, it is hard to stay focused if you don’t have a proper workspace, which affects the employee productivity.

Technological Shift

The current global crisis has major drawbacks. Whether you are at a senior level position or junior level, everyone’s job is at stake due to this pandemic. However, technology and software are still advancing towards growth to assist businesses. The unseen crisis has rapidly shifted technology, and it is being used more than ever. With the increase in technology and software, it is becoming easier for organizations to communicate and perform daily tasks virtually. The use of Google zoom, Webex meet, and Skype have helped many organizations to communicate in this situation.

COVID’19 an Opportunity for IT Employees

With so many drawbacks of COVID’19, we keep forgetting the benefits we can get with this current situation. During this time, every person’s job is insecure; however, IT experts are most at risk than anyone else. Information technology is always changing, whether it’s a software upgrade or the launch of a brand new product. Tech-based organizations are always looking for multi-skilled employees. Hardworking and multi-talented employees are hard to lay off for organizations because they are considered a very important asset. Hence, such employees have high job security even at the time of crisis.

Now the question is, how can you be an asset to your company? The answer is simple. Convert your threat into an opportunity by registering at QuickStart for Online IT courses.   During the current situation, many employees are using private systems and servers to complete their day to day tasks. However, the use of personal computers can be risky for organizations because confidential data can be lost, misused, or leaked. Implement a strong information security system that can protect data. Thus, keeping this issue into consideration, QuickStart offers a series of Information security certifications online. Being an IT expert, it is important for them to polish their current skills by taking online training courses and learning new skills with QuickStart.

Impact of Active Learning on Job Security and Job Performance

The current crisis and its impacts have seriously affected the employees' job performance. Issues like job security, salary, and bonuses, and less motivation are some of the factors that have heavily impacted job performance of the individuals.

Many people are thinking of ways to spend their time at home productively. As we know that information technology is always evolving. New machinery and software are being adopted to improvise business and its operations. It is necessary for employees to learn about these new technologies and stay updated. In a time of crisis like this, employees must participate in online classes actively. The active learning related new technology, new version, or education on an existing technology or software is the only way to ensure job security. Some active learning in this time period will not only ensure job security but also improve your skills and help you perform better at your job. Organizations prefer employees who keep on improving through active learning and polish their current job skills. Polishing current skills set and learning new skills for advanced technology is not the organization's growth but self-growth. If you’ve decided to enroll yourself, feel free to contact us at QuickStart.

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