How to Prepare for CompTIA A exam


How to Prepare for CompTIA A exam

In order to become a competent computer technician, it is important for you to take the CompTIA A+ exam. The CompTIA A+ certification was designed to ensure that computer service professionals have the knowledge and expertise required to maintain, install, and provide a number of relevant services related to computers.

Previously, technicians only required passing the CompTIA A+ exam only once and they were good to practice and offer their computer technician services for a lifetime. However, recently, the certification needs to be renewed every three years by taking the test again.

If you are looking to take the CompTIA A+ exam and want to pass it in the first go, it is best to prepare using expert tips stated in the blog below.

1.     First things first: Identify the exam objectives

The most important thing before beginning your preparation is to understand what is required of a candidate taking the test. Instead of running astray, the best thing to do is to head to the official CompTIA website and download the exam objectives from there.

Thoroughly read the document to understand the objectives of the exam so you can start off your preparation accordingly. The requirements of the exam are clearly mentioned in easy language for everyone to understand. This objectives’ document can also be used as a checklist for your exam preparation as a computer technician.

If you do not want to prepare for this exam by yourself, you can always choose a CompTIA A+ online course.

2.     Find a CompTIA A+ online course to register!

Not everyone is able to follow through the instructions provided for the exam preparation all by themselves. That’s the reason there is plenty of help and assistance available online and offline.

Ø  Offline Courses

You can head out and find good schools available for the preparation of CompTIA A+ exam. There are plenty of courses offered in physical learning centers for anyone to join.

Ø  Online Courses

If you don’t want to head out and take classes in a place where you are required to be physically present, it is best to pick any CompTIA A+ online course. The best thing about getting enrolled into an online preparation course is that you can study and learn from the comfort of your home. What’s more is that these courses are taught by professionals from the field who also offer additional learning opportunities for candidates.

3.     Use the web to get your hands on additional learning resources

Who said that you can only prepare for your computer technician exam through a paid course only? Although it is of prime importance that you register in an actual course, but you can practice your skills and test your knowledge by downloading and skimming through other educational resources available on the internet.

Yes, the great web is your best bet at learning and preparing for the CompTIA A+ course without worrying about missing anything out.

4.     Try your luck in practice exams

A great way to ensure that you have prepared well enough for the computer technician exam is to take practice exams. That’s right! There are practice exams available that you can download from the official CompTIA website. The website contains practice quizzes, reviews, and major exams for candidates to practice. There are past tests also available for practice.

You can take the quizzes available on the website to review them and practice from them as needed. There is no limit to the times you can take these practice exams until you are certain that you can clear the test. Moreover, if you sign up for Quickstart CompTIA A+ online course, you will get more free practice exams to expand your knowledge as a computer technician and pass the test.

5.     Try building a computer for starters

If you really want to clear the CompTIA A+ test, it is best to try and build a computer. When you are taking the computer technician test, you have two options. One is the 901 exam that covers hardware and the other one is the 902 exam that covers software. Therefore, in order to learn how to fix and install a computer, you should try to do so in reality to really get to know the trick and components of a computer.

Yes, learning theory is important for taking the test, but that’s not everything. A lot of the exam is based on practical, which is exactly why you need to start fixing a real computer for that. Similarly, when it comes to taking the network test, you need to fix an actual network to be able to fully understand what the test is really about.

First learn all the theory that there is available for preparing for this exam and then to further clear the concepts just practice on an actual computer by implementing everything that you have learned. Furthermore, Quickstart’s online program also offers virtual lab for candidates to put their knowledge to test, enabling them to strengthen their concepts and as a result clearing their CompTIA A+ exam.

6.     Prepare for performance based questions

As mentioned earlier, it is not only important to learn theory by heart, but it is much more relevant and beneficial to do while practicing it live. Whether you do so using a physical computer or an online virtual lab, it is essential to prepare for performance based questions that get the better of many candidates.

The trick is to enroll in online courses offering a virtual lab learning experience that allows you to solve problems in a live setting.


The CompTIA A+ certification exam is an important one to take and pas if you aspire to become a professional and skilled computer technician. However, without the preparation guidelines mentioned above in the blog, you will not be able to fully prepare to take the test. By following the simple tips in this blog, you will be able to pass the exam and launch your career as a certified IT support professional and a computer technician.

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