Jobs You can get with ComTIA Security+ Online Training


Jobs You can get with ComTIA Security+ Online Training

Today’s world is known to be going through dramatic changes. Stepping out in the corporate world and starting a career can be daunting for individuals today. Professional qualification, skills, and knowledge play an important role when it comes to obtaining a job.

Certifications are a great way to kick start your career and getting a job in a field that you are passionate about. They provide recognition and proof for your specialized knowledge and skillset, which can be of significant benefit when it comes to landing jobs and starting your career.

The IT industry is booming and is said to further grow in the near future. Cybersecurity has become a job field of utmost importance in today’s world of technology. A CompTIA Security+ certification will help you gain expertise in various topics making you an IT security professional.

Company’s today are facing numerous amounts of security threats, the severity of those threats keeps increasing every day. This makes the skills gap between information security and qualified IT security personnel one of the largest of any technical specialty. Therefore, making Security+ one of CompTIA’s most demanded certifications. Some of the best certifications and most well-known certifications available to leap into the IT industry are CompTIA Certifications.

 CompTIA Security+ Certification and Online Training

CompTIA Sy0-501 certification will help you break into the IT industry. It is the industry standard in validating baselines skills that are needed to perform the core security functions which will later on lead to developing a career in IT Security.

With the help of the CompTIA Security+ online training, candidates will be able to qualify for knowledge that is required to identify security essentials along with threats, conduct security assessments, analyze risks, deploy cryptography, ensure business continuity, and address various types of security issues. 

The course ensures that a candidate acquires all-inclusive information about the CompTIA Security+ certification (SY0-501) for the preparation of the exam to obtain the certification.  With the various amounts of skills added to your resume you will for sure catch the eye of any hiring manager.

  Jobs that you can get with a CompTIA Security+ Certification

This particular Certification will get you various entry level job opportunities. These entry level security jobs are far better than other entry level jobs that is because Information Security is emerging up to be a critical field as more companies are coming to terms about the importance of cyber security. This opens up job opportunities every day.

Below is a list of jobs that you can be offered after you have obtained the CompTIA Security+ Certification. These jobs are exciting, challenging, and pay very well too:

 1.       Information Security Analyst

A Security Analyst’s works in a range of security related job fields. Their role range from engineering security systems to working in Data Security. But, a typical Security Analyst’s role is to install firewalls and antivirus programs into the user’s computers to protect networks. You would also be testing and monitoring network systems and securities while also helping to plan and execute the security measures taken to protect the user’s computer networks.

This particular job is an important functional job upon which you can build on and advance forward over the years.

 2.      Systems Administrator

A System Administrator’s role is quite vast and is a catch all job. To summarize the scope of a system administrator’s role, they are responsible for planning, implementing, maintaining computer and server systems in a company. Since the job description of a system administrator is quite broad, there are specialized systems administrator that are appointed who run a network, server room, and keep a system free from malware and cyberattacks.

 3.      Penetration Tester

Penetration Testers are those IT professionals who look for and identify the vulnerabilities in a company’s security system then they exploit the security flaw. This is usually conducted to check if the ability to access features and data within a system is capable through a coordinated cyberattack. After the check is done recommendations are made on how to resolve the flaw. A Penetration Tester’s job is considered to be a vital job and one of the most interesting jobs in the information security field.

 4.      Military or Industrial Information Security Jobs (IT Specialist)

Information Security is also known as InfoSec, is growing in its popularity and scope. There is a high demand of IT professionals in Military and Industrial sensitive environments.  This could involve anything from securing servers at large industrial corporations to working as a civilian contractor on a top-secret project on a military base. This type of job position can be quite exciting as well as challenging, it also requires a secrecy level that has to be maintained at all times. It also requires integrity and work, but is a high paying career.

 5.      Independent Contractor

You can utilize your CompTIA Security+ certification in a smaller market as well. You can provide security solutions for small businesses or individuals who do not need a large scale security solution for their security issues. They will hire a security professional on retainer to help them with a threat or a cyberattacks if they occur in the near future. This give you time to use your Security+ certification to get started with your own business and also gives you time and a chance to work for other companies as an individual contractor.

Final Thoughts

If you are  starting fresh and taking your first step in to the corporate world with a mindset of entering the Information Security field then CompTIA Security+ certificate is a must have. As it proves that you acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills of network security. Having a CompTIA certification makes you an attractive candidate for hiring managers. This certification will spring forward your career down the security path into much more advance job roles. The CompTIA Security+ Certification qualifies you as an individual with enough knowledge to take any technology career path you wish to pursue.

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