Quickstart Offering Private Training for Information Security Certifications


Quickstart Offering Private Training for Information Security Certifications

With malware threats at an all-time peak and nearly half of the data of the U.S. population historically breached due to the past Equifax hack, companies are continually focused on safety. Attackers are on the hunt as never before, and they are searching for cash-rich companies that can quickly hack virtual vaults. This has generated an overwhelming need for monitoring, and to address the ever-increasing cyber-attacks, organizations are hiring Information Technology Security Officers. For IT professionals wanting to do a little good in the world, being an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) is the best career. Information Technology Security Officers act like the superheroes who defend the company’s day and night while criminals are the real-world counterpart of supervillains. You, too, will become a superhero and make a comfortable living while doing so, armed with nothing but confidence and a CISSP certification.


QuickStart is an Austin-based NetApp, Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, and EC Council certified Microsoft Gold Partner. To turn IT teams, the company uses its workforce readiness platform (CLIPP) and proprietary learning methodology. The platform maximizes IT workforce readiness by personalizing integrated learning using AI and multi-modal to achieve IT objectives and strategies. Sales REP - a digital forum for sales reps working for technology suppliers - has already been launched by the company.

QuickStart is a Cisco Learning Partner, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and a Citrix Accredited Learning Center. QuickStart has gained the dual status of Microsoft Gold Partner for Cisco Learning Partner (CLP) and Learning Solutions (Gold CPLS) as one of the only IT training vendors in the United States.

You can spend millions on IT security technology, but can you sleep well to assure that cyber-attacks can be handled by your employees? You will not be able to prevent cybercrimes until you have your cybersecurity employees ready to embrace and use the technologies by training them. Cybercriminals are very experienced, better trained with instruments and knowledge. So you will have to better equip your people with the new and best technologies and processes for cyber protection to get cyber criminals out of business, he said.

Every day the number of cyber-attacks and data breaches is increasing. Data breaches by internal and external threats are at risk for every public or private enterprise. Training IT and non-IT workers on internet protection to raise understanding and avoid data breaches is one of the easiest and tested approaches to prevent organizations from being exposed to such attacks. The concern, though is that the behavior of learners is changing, and the worker is not as engaging and responsive to teaching as they used to be. Therefore, you have to find out a new way to interact with the workforce, because they have fun, understand, and see if their job and company ambitions are impacted by what they learn. This forced us to build a forum called CLIPP for cybersecurity workforce readiness,” says VP Engineering Faisal Khawaja.

We also approached information security certification preparation quite differently by developing the industry's first platform of information security workforce readiness that links business goals to InfoSec training to determine ROI. To personalize the learning process for each individual, we use AI & adaptive learning technologies, says Ed Sattar, CEO. " You can find that the gaps of abilities start to reduce from the industry priorities and the index of workforce readiness develops that provides you the ROI to spend in InfoSec education in its truest context as the workers realize." The platform provides customized learning pathways for individuals to go from beginners to specialists in InfoSec, and for enterprise to reach maximum levels of data protection by continuous mentoring and coaching.

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More About Information Security

For Individuals: The demand for certified cybersecurity experts is at an all-time high as the frequency and influence of cyberattacks grow across the world. Organizations are looking to act as a Chief Information Security Officer, Information Security Analyst, Forensic Data Analyst, Security Architect, Penetration Tester, Security Systems Administrator, IT Security Engineer, IT Security Consultant, and more for eligible persons with the right skill set. In this sector, people with the right certificates make hundreds of thousands of dollars and there's no argument why you can't be among them.

Cybersecurity courses from QuickStart are related to qualification examinations such as CCNA Security, CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CEH, CISA, and more. Not only can these courses empower you with the expertise to defend your business from cyber-attacks, they even prepare you for credential tests. With the training courses and classes for QuickStart cybersecurity certification, you will be able to ace your certification tests and obtain the right knowledge and certification for a competitive cybersecurity profession.

For Teams: Unless you have a well-trained network of IT and non-IT workers shielding your data against unauthorized access and ransomware, your company is vulnerable to cyberattacks. You can convert the IT workers into a highly skilled network of cybersecurity experts with the assistance of QuickStart's workforce preparation platform, and keep one step ahead of the market. In order to protect you from the dangers of cyber spoofing, we will also help train your non-IT workers in cybersecurity best practices. In our catalog, search the courses and begin your 7-day free trial now.

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Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)

An ISSO must have an understanding of the following areas:

  1. Security Management
  2. Risk management
  3. Network protocols
  4. Security models and access controls
  5. Security architecture
  6. VPN and wireless
  7. Database security
  8. Software development security
  9. Disaster recovery

InfoSecAcademy.io gives individuals who wish to make a career move into the InfoSec industry a free cybersecurity boot camp and cybersecurity certification subscription. InfoSecAcademy.io is the first cybersecurity platform for workforce readiness in the industry that personalizes the learning environment to achieve certification preparation and fulfill organizational objectives by using adaptive learning, AI, and multi-modal training delivery.

InfoSec Academy also provides non-IT experts with cybersecurity knowledge education so that they can be the first line of protection to reduce human error and bring cybercriminals out of business with ever-increasing attacks on ransomware and malware.

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