Reasons to Take Security+ Before Network+


Reasons to Take Security+ Before Network+

The growing demand for IT experts and technicians has led businesses to hire certified IT employees. Hiring certified IT employees not only strengthen their systems but also help to improve. With the rising demand for the IT field, every individual is looking forward to making their career. Either it is a degree or a diploma related to IT technician jobs, people are just doing it for the sake of better job opportunities. However, instead, they should be investing their time in IT certifications offered online to IT field workers. Many well-reputed organizations are offering online certifications; this may include Amazon, Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA.

Introduction to CompTIA

CompTIA, formally known as The Computing Technology Industry Association, has been providing its certifications across the globe since 1982. Ever since the company came into being, it has provided its customers a great platform to learn about new technologies. It has provided the IT workers with a roadmap to understand different functions and software. CompTIA has divided its certifications into four basic levels. With each level, the complexity and difficulty increase. The four levels for CompTIA certifications are Basic, Professional, Master, and Specialty. Each level further offers a different set of certifications for IT professionals.

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ certification was introduced in 2002. The certification was developed to fulfill the needs of IT staff regarding IT security. Apart from IT security, their certification also helps IT experts with cryptography, access control, disaster recovery, and risk management. In short, the certification deals with security-related issues in the industry. 

CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ Certification is a computer networking certification. The certification deals with IT infrastructure coverage, troubleshoot issues, configuration, and controlling wireless networks of companies across the globe. The certification intends to develop skills regarding the development and execution of practical systems.

Reasons to take Security+ Before Network+

CompTIA has designed and categorized its certifications according to the level of knowledge and skills required by IT experts. These certifications are arranged in a sequence according to the level of difficulty. Even though CompTIA recommends to take Network+ before Security+. However, many experts suggest taking Security+ before Network+ has more advantages. Here’s a list of reasons to take Security+ before Network+.

  1. DoD Recognition: Many government jobs nowadays require certified Security+ technicians. Government jobs require adequate knowledge regarding cybersecurity as it is dealing with confidential data. Hence, technicians with essential cybersecurity and DoD knowledge are preferred.
  2. Roadmap to Cybersecurity Jobs: Many IT technicians and experts believe that Network+ and A+ certifications open the gate to cyber jobs. However, this is misread. To get better job opportunities in the cybersecurity field, it is important to have Security+ certification. It is the easiest way to get into the field.
  3. Increased Salary Offers: As the cybersecurity field offers a vast range of positions, it is inevitable that the salary bracket for these jobs is also high. The Security+ certification provides adequate knowledge to the candidate regarding IT security. Hence, in comparison to the pay you get with Network+ certification, the salary offered to certified Security+ expert is higher.
  4. The link between Network+ and Security+: Whether you are a public sector employee or private sector, the benefits of the two certifications are equal. Hiring a certified Security+ employee is better than hiring a Network+ certified employee as the Security+ certified can easily complete tasks related to Network+.
  5. Growing Demand for Security: Every industry and business now requires the security of confidential data, which proves the growing demand for cybersecurity. Various job roles related to cybersecurity companies are trying to lower the burden of IT managers by hiring certified Security+. The certified Security+ have the required skills and knowledge regarding security, which prevents security breaches in an enterprise.

When to take Network+ Before Security+?

Taking Security+ before Network+ is not going to work for everyone. Here’s a list of cases when Network+ before Security+ is valuable and the right roadmap for your IT career.

  1. Inadequate Knowledge of Networking: Network+ and Security+ certification exam objectives overlap. As both exams require a little understanding and concept of each. Candidates who have limited knowledge and expertise in the Network domain should start by taking the Network+ exam first. Questions regarding networking that are asked in the Network+ exam are of basic level; hence, they can be easily solved. Whereas in the Security+ certification, questions regarding security and networking are tough. Therefore, if you lack knowledge and expertise in networking, taking Network+ before Security+ certification is a better option.
  2. Recently Passed Exam of CCNA: CCNA is a Cisco certification that deals with networking issues of IT servers. As both CompTIA Network+ and CCNA deal with the same objectives, it is easy to pass the Network+ exam. If you have recently passed CCNA certification, it is beneficial for you to take Network+ first as you have fresh knowledge regarding networking. Henceforth, passing the Network+ exam is going to be easier.

Online Training with QuickStart   

As cybersecurity is gaining demand, the need for online IT training is also increasing. Companies are looking for employees who can multi-task. A Security+ certified candidate can perform the duties of Network+ certified. However, this can’t go the other way around. Various platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, and CompTIA are providing certifications for cybersecurity. CompTIA is also providing various certifications for IT technicians. Some of the CompTIA training that is offered by QuickStart are as follows.

  1. CompTIA A+ training
  2. CompTIA Security+ training
  3. CompTIA Network+ training
  4. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner training
  5. CompTIA Cloud+ Advanced training
  6. CompTIA Cloud+ Basic training
  7. CompTIA Cloud+ Bootcamp training
  8. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ training
  9. CompTIA Linux+ training
  10. CompTIA Pentest+

Even though all the CompTIA training have their benefits and career opportunities, the two most popular and in-demand CompTIA certifications are CompTIA Network+ training and CompTIA Security+ training. The two certifications have a wide scope in the IT field and hence, pay a higher amount of salary to certified Network+ and certified security+ candidates. To learn more, talk to our experts, and enroll yourself at QuickStart.

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