4 Data Management Challenges of 2019 and How NetApp Training Helps Mitigate Them


4 Data Management Challenges of 2019 and How NetApp Training Helps Mitigate Them

With the rapid increase of applicability and accessibility of information technology such as the introduction of cloud services, the inflow, and outflow of data within an organization has increased dramatically. Effective data management, however, is the key factor, which ensures the success of the business, as it is this data which when utilized effectively results in monetary gains for the business and provides an edge over the other competitors. With the changing markets and increased diversity, the amount of data generated on a daily basis is massive, because of which skilled personnel is demanded to make it more accessible, to secure it and to make it relevant for users. This is where NetApp comes in. Established in 1992, this Fortune 500 Company offers hybrid cloud data services for data management across cloud and on-premises environments. Net Apps is perhaps one of the biggest names, which pop in anyone’s mind when data management is mentioned, and this is why all businesses look to implement NetApp services to optimize their business operations as well. Keeping up with the rising demand for NetApp training, QuickStart offers exclusive and extensive online classes conducted by industry experts, which definitely results in any organization effectively dealing with their data management challenges. Now, in this article, we will be discussing few of the data management challenges businesses are experiencing and will continue to experience in 2019, and also how NetApp training can be utilized to efficiently deal with those challenges.

Data security threats

One of the primary data management challenges is dealing with the security of the critical data, with the ever-increasing data theft instances along with hacking scenarios where priceless and confidential data is often compromised.  With ever-increasing internal and external threats increasing the potential of data leakages, it is essential to apply certain standards, which ensure the protection of data. This data management challenge is professionally dealt through NetApp, as through its flex clones, snap vault and snap mirror, the data is thoroughly protected. If you're operating a business which too faces difficulty in managing its data security then make sure to opt for the NetApp training which comprehensively deals with all the theoretical and more importantly practical aspects of NetApp.

Problems in Creating and Customizing Workflows

Organizations face difficulty in creating and customizing their workflows. Workflows are a primary element of databases and quite often the manual processing results in numerous errors, and the rectification of these errors then becomes further complicated and time-consuming. There is also the issue of working around standardized workflows because as the business's requirements change, the needs for workflow customization arises even more. This is yet another one of the challenges successfully tackled by NetApp training, as the NetApp service and various toolkits help not only in the creation of error-free processing but also facilitates in the creation of customized workflows and when combined with the numerous commands and functions NetApp has to offer, an efficient storage saving and easily operational workflow comes into existence. The NetApp training further deals with creating building blocks and exploring the usability of NetApp PowerShell toolkit. Thus, NetApp performs a major function of creating, customizing, running and refining the workflows which result in a massive boost in the organization's data management.

Complexities of Integrating Hybrid Clouds

Another one of the challenges is to manage and move data through the cloud by utilizing various solutions like AWS, Azure and Net Hybrid Cloud to weave data integrated with data fabric. Therefore, NetApp comes to the rescue by assisting data managers in creating and deploying hybrid clouds, which can be integrated with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud or even an Azure Virtual Network. Additionally, the NetApp training also allows data managers to utilize Windows PowerShell in a Data Fabric environment along with extending Microsoft's Active Directory on a cloud platform. Moreover, there is also the option of optimizing the hybrid cloud integration by utilizing NetApp cloud central to deploy Use NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager and Cloud Volumes ONTAP. Finally, synchronize data between on-premise storage and cloud-based storage to exploit the most out of your NetApp solutions. Although it is considered a tough job integrating hybrid cloud solutions, with the right NetApp training all of it will become a piece of cake for your team and your organization, which will definitely result in providing a much-needed edge over competitors in the domain of data management.

Increasing management costs

With great data collection and management comes great costs, and this is one of the daunting challenges of any individual responsible for overlooking the data, as even though the data is considered as the key ingredient for the growth of the business, it costs a lot to keep the system running. This cost keeps on increasing as the data usage of the business increases. The thing, which makes it further intimidating for the businesses, is that there is a great dependence on the data collected and managed, so it is not a cost that can be compromised upon. This is yet another domain where NetApp comes to do the saving, as the data management techniques, practices, and standards implemented through NetApp adoption; result in a massive boost to the effectiveness and efficiency of the entire data management process.

 So, these were 4 of the most commonly occurring data management challenges experienced by businesses and organizations, especially pertaining to the data management requirement in 2019. Based on this it is quite easy to figure out how NetApp plays a critical role in the entire data management process through its unique multiple platforms and hybrid structure. Therefore, it is equally important to get your IT specialists through with the NetApp training, as it equips the professionals with all the required understanding and practical knowledge to maximize the returns from NetApp adoption. These highly demanded NetApp training are offered by QuickStart, as they take you on an entire journey of NetApp exploration based on the course you chose from the numerous course options. At the end of the day, you too have mastered your skills in NetApp. 

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