Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification


Jobs you can Get with Netapp Certification

Must have heard about cloud storage services, right? Every organization, small or big have to store their data somewhere safe. Plus, the volume of data is so big that they cannot stock it on physical equipment like hard drives and on-premises databases. There is another reason that storing your organization's data in a cloud service means you do not have to worry about the security of the data, and you can access it anytime from anywhere. It is a convenient plus better-looking option than building an on-premises database and managing it all by yourself.

Talking about online database and storage solutions, we look at some factors before choosing the one. These factors include better performance, high efficiency, intact security, completely future-proof, better application integration, and always being ready for innovation. And if we look at the options available in the market, Netapp comes out to be the best one right now.

What is NetApp?

NetApp is an IT company that provides hybrid cloud storage solutions. These storage solutions are a combination of hardware and software solutions. A lot of big enterprises and other service providing companies are using their equipment and services to share a large amount of data physically or through hybrid cloud solutions. They have hybrid storage systems and all-flash hardware for file, block, and object storage.  Some major public cloud service providers and companies like VMware and VSphere use their services to virtualize their workloads.

The company NetApp is also called Network Appliance, and it was created by three colleagues, Dave Hitz, James Lau, and Michael Malcolm, back in 1992 in Santa Clara, California, and they have now moved to a new location to Sunnyvale, California.

Top Certifications Offered by NetApp

As we know, NetApp is an organization that offers data storage solutions to other organizations. NetApp is one of the most advanced cloud service platform available in the market right now. With the storage services they provide, they also provide certifications based on the services they provide. The main objective of these certifications is to train IT professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to work on the NetApp platform or any other cloud storage platform. They have designed it properly from start to the end. Their certification levels are Associate, Professional, Specialist, and Expert. It is a track one can follow to be on top of the cloud services game. Let's look into some of the top certifications NetApp is offering.

  • NetApp Certified Technology Associate

NetApp Certified Technology Associate certification is the first one in the list of certifications NetApp offers. It is an introductory course in which professionals get to know about the NetApp platform and other technologies that are associated with NetApp. By doing this certification, one gets to understand cloud computing, ONTAP fundamentals, Cloud data services fundamentals, and many more basic concepts.

  • NetApp Certified Data Administrator

It is a NetApp certification for IT professionals that have worked with NetApp's operating system ONTAP. By doing this one gets to understand about NetApp Storage Architecture, Core Clustered Data ONTAP, High Availability, Networks Concepts and Components, and many more things like that.

  • NetApp Certified Support Engineer

NetApp Certified Support Engineer is the certification designed for professionals who have worked on the NetApp platform. By doing this certification candidate gets to know about ONTAP Fundamentals, Platforms & Storages, Configuration & Troubleshooting, Netapp Data Protection & Management Software, and many more. It is one of the best NetApp certifications for someone who has the fundamental knowledge about NetApp.

  • NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer

NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer is the certification designed for SAN specialists. If a professional has implemented NetApp SAN completely, he should go for this certification. By doing this certification, one can learn about ONTAP SAN Solution Assessment, ONTAP SAN Planning, ONTAP SAN Implementation & Configuration, and many more things about testing and troubleshooting.

  • NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect

NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect certification is the certification designed for expert-level professionals. Candidates who have the experience of analyzing the business requirements of the client and architecting the hybrid solution should go for this one. This one is about core knowledge, business analysis, solution design, solution validation, and reporting & documentation.

Skills Professionals Get from NetApp Certifications

If we talk about the skills a candidate acquires after the completion of Netapp certification, there are many different skills based on the certification he chose to do. As we know, there are four different levels of certifications offered by NetApp, and each one has several certification courses. A candidate looks for the certification based on the skills he wants to acquire in the end. Let's look into the skills one can get by doing NetApp certifications.

  • Cloud computing is the skill you will acquire in all the certifications.
  • You will learn the basic installation and configuration of all the NetApp equipment.
  • You will learn everything about ONTAP like ONTAP networking, ONTAP switches, ONTAP troubleshooting & configuration, and other ONTAP concepts.
  • You will learn how to do performance analysis.
  • You will learn the software of NetApp that is used to protect and manage data and how to configure the software.
  • You will learn everything about ONTAP SAN as well.
  • You will learn about the cloud manager administration, cloud-connected platforms, and cloud data security.
  • You will learn about GitHub, Amazon block storage, and advanced cloud computing concepts.

NetApp certifications are rated very high in the market. Because while doing these certifications a professional gets to learn a lot of skills, as mentioned above. With all of these skills and certification, he can land any job that is somehow connected to cloud services. It could be an online database job, it could be a job related to cloud computing, or something that is solely related to NetApp. To mention some, it could be the IT system administrator, a network support engineer, a data cloud engineer, or a cloud architect. To be precise, you can make it big in almost any sector of IT if you have NetApp certifications.

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