Unlock Your Persuasive Power

  • November 10, 2015

Unlock Your Persuasive Power

You don’t need to be a sales representative to put the power of persuasion to good use. At one time or another, we all must convince another person to support our cause, buy our product, or join our team.

 Many people think it takes the charisma of a salesperson to truly be persuasive, but those people are profoundly misguided.  With the right tools, anyone can learn to channel their inner Jerry Maguire and negotiate successfully.

So, we’ve broken it all down into 4 critical steps to get you started.

See for yourself!

1. Create a Credible Argument

Of course, the most important part of persuasion is having a valid, convincing argument.

Make sure you appeal to your audience and be authentic in your reasoning.

2. Present an Understandable Message

Your message must be clear and concise. If a potential client or partner doesn’t understand your message, they are less likely to accept it.

Look at who you are addressing, and tailor your message to your audience.

3. Pick the Right Medium

Sometimes a phone call just doesn’t get the job done. These days, people tend to be more visual.

Why not make use of easy-to-use platforms like PowerPoint or OneNote to get your message across? These programs have tons of useful features and are easily shareable.

So, not only will you be able to create a dynamite presentation, you’ll also save time by sending it to multiple people simultaneously.

4. Catch Their Attention

Are there some impressive numbers that support your argument? Use tables and charts to help win over those with a more rational, analytical side.

And good news! Microsoft has recently added new chart types to programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

So you’ll be able to highlight beneficial data and really wow your audience.

Not sure how to best utilize these programs? Take one of QuickStart’s Microsoft Office 2016 courses to learn about all new and improved features.

You’ll soon be on your way to creating a vibrant and persuasive presentation!

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