Web Developer Jobs and Average Salaries


Web Developer Jobs and Average Salaries

Interested in the arena of website development and are looking for data concerning how much money you will make per annum as a full-time website designer or developer? Well, my friend, stop looking anywhere further, as you will get all the data you need to find out about the salaries and scope of this career in the coming future.
Before we get started about the statistics, let’s give you a sound overview of what you can expect from this career and how to be prepared for it to earn as high as possible.

Website development is a very competitive field with the fastest growing pace as compared to any other technical field of this time. Every day or at the very least every year, new frameworks and new languages are being introduced and there is a whole lot to learn and master to become the best. There are many factors and situations which you need to consider before making assumptions or expectations about how much money you will be generating. You might be a student of Software engineering or website development in specific, or you might be a freelancer and looking to get a full-time 9 to 5 job so you can add a handsome sum in your yearly income. That's amazing, but first, let's find out if there is a high demand for this skill or are there any chances of increasing demand in future.

Is There a High Demand for Web Developers?

To put it as simple as possible, the demand is huge and is increasing at a dramatic level. Stats show that there will be more than 13% growth in the job sector of website developers, which is a gigantic increase. Also, the year 2020 has witnessed a huge increase in web development skills as more and more businesses are moving their appearances and portfolios online. It is because of, you guessed it, Covid-19. The coronavirus has given birth to a new way of working for employees and a new way of doing business for companies in every region of the world. However, in all this situation, who do you think gets the most benefit? It's YOU. A smart and hardworking website developer. Companies need websites or more functions, newer themes, better performance, better engaging employees' portal, customer service automation and much more for their existing websites. And only website developers can provide such services.

How to Get into Web Development?

Well, first things first, you need to learn this skill, whether you get such knowledge from a college degree, short course or certificate, online courses like web development bootcamp or from any other source, but the point is to practically learn and hone the skill.

The next thing you must know is that the website development field is quite diverse as there are multiple types of website developers and the jobs are different for each category.
You can have multiple options, like you can be a remote or in-house freelancer, work in a small to medium enterprise (SME) or you can work in a big corporate, simply, it depends on what type of work environment and work routine suits you.
If you want the flexibility of time and place, you can be a full-time remote freelancer and be your own little boss. You can work anywhere, anytime, as long as you keep your client satisfied with your work and you keep making money. On the other hand, if you are not freelance material and want to work in an office environment, the regular 9 to 5 job is for you.

However, the most important thing that you should know before looking for a great job is that you must have a robust portfolio. There are unlimited cases particularly in the web development field where candidates without a professional college degree got high paying jobs, just because they mastered the skill and had a profound portfolio that speaks for their skill. The best advice for you here is to start freelancing or part-time job during your learning process and start building up your portfolio so you can have something to show to an employer before asking for a high paying job.

Besides, the top skills a website developer must have are described below,

  • Sound experience of developing with multiple and newer frameworks and languages
  • Great Project or task management abilities
  • Sharp analytical abilities and skills
  • Great in time management
  • Curiosity and creativity to learn and develop new masterpieces
  • Ability to adapt according to consistent advancements of development languages and frameworks

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 Different Types of Web Developers

As said earlier, there are diverse categories of website developer and you need to learn each step by step to become a master in your field. It takes time, effort and consistency to learn multiple if not all of the following types. Let’s dive in.

  1. Front-end developer

To put it simply, as the title describes, everything that you can see on the website from the user's end is the work of a front-end developer or famously a website designer. From theme designing to icon placement, front end designer designs everything that is in front of the website. He/she usually use JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc. as their main language.

  1. Back-end developer

Back end developer is the complete opposite of the front-end developer. Back end developers work on the inside and make sure that everything runs exactly how it is supposed to be from the server-side. Languages they master include Ruby, JAVA, python, PHP, Rails etc.

  1. Full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is the combo of both front and back end developer. They are hard to find as there are not many in the market because it takes a lot of time to learn more and definitely, they earn a lot more.

  1. WordPress developer

Individual who is an expert in the CMS software platform with proficiency in HTML, PHP and CSS and are good at managing back end processes for WordPress clients.

  1. Mobile web developer

Mobile web developer’s job is to maintain responsiveness for the visitors using the website from their mobile phone browsers. They usually overlap between app designers and website designers.

  1. Website security developer

They are also called cybersecurity expert developers. Their sole job is to secure website from any possible hack or trespassing, fix up any bugs or glitches and keep the website running smoothly and securely.

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Web Developers’ Average Salaries

Finally, the topic which you have been waiting for, however before all the numbers are described beware that these are not exact salaries but an average of salaries each type of developer is getting paid according to multiple job websites in the USA. So, let's begin.

Front-end website developer salaries --- According to websites like PayScale, Indeed and Glassdoor, they earn an average of about $81,000/year, starting from 50k to as high as 120k/year.

Back-end website developer salaries --- According to these three websites PayScale, Indeed and Glassdoor, backend fellas earn an average of $90,000/year, starting from $70k to a high as $130k/year.

Full Stack website developer salaries --- With data collected from similar websites as above plus a few others like ZipRecruiter and Salary.com, an experienced full-stack developer earn about $100,000/year on average. Starting from $75k to a maximum of $150k per year. 

A freelancer’s average per annum income --- Earning as a freelancer can be subjective as it depends on how much you work as it is basically trading time for money. However, with a rough estimate a freelancer website developer, whether front-end or back-end or even a full-stack developer can earn from $60,000/year to as high as $100,000/year.

To be more specific about the salaries of experts in a particular language, we have made a list which can give you an idea of an average salary regarding expertise in every language.

  • CSS$64k/year.
  • PHP: $70k/year.
  • SQL: $78k/year.
  • HTML: $69k/year.
  • JavaScript: $82k/year.
  • C++: $87k/year.
  • C#: $82k/year.
  • C: $90k/year.
  • Python: $90k/year.
  • Java: $90k/year.
  • Perl: $93k/year.
  • Rust: $96k/year.
  • Ruby: $94k/year.
  • Kotlin: $99k/year.
  • Scala: $116k/year.
  • Go: $115k/year

The Verdict

Web development is a massive industry and its growing at a tremendous pace. As it is getting bigger, it is getting diverse, the need and invention of new languages require developers to learn and adapt to newer languages, tools and frameworks to survive in this arena.
The best advice for web developers out there is to keep learning new languages and mastering them one by one while working at a job or freelancing, just so you can keep making money all the time while you study.
The need for good developers is more than ever and to strive and make your place in the market, you need to be the best at what you do. Get a bachelors degree! If you are working full-time, study for a degree part-time or on the weekend basis and get your education completed. Because for executive and senior web developer manager level jobs, a bachelors degree and a sound experience are required.  Learn more about web development bootcamp and find out how this platform can help you sharpen your skills and earn a better salary.

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