A Recipe for the Perfect Resume

  • October 13, 2015

A Recipe for the Perfect Resume

You should put as much care and attention into each resume you send out as the apple pie you bake for Thanksgiving at Grandma’s.

Sure it takes a little extra time, but the results are well worth it.

Follow our recipe for an impressive resume and you’ll be on your way to a successful and fulfilling career.


  • Objective – Don’t be too vague. Take it to the next level by focusing on what you can bring to the employer. (Ex: Recent graduate who thrives on challenging assignments seeks entry-level accounting position.)
  • Skill Summary - This is optional, but excellent if you have done similar work in many different organizations. It should include at least one statement that describes an achievement, and it should support your employment goals.
  • Work Experience - Use this section to highlight your most qualifying employment experiences. Put them in chronological order to keep it organized. Avoid wasting space. As a rule, include no more than 10 years of work history unless previous experience is important.

  • Accomplishments- Depending on the type of work you have done and the contributions you have made, you may or may not have much to say about your achievements. Nonetheless, keep the descriptions brief.
  • Education – If you’ve recently graduated, put this section above your work experience. Otherwise, keep this section last and focus on the highest educational achievement first (i.e. degree level). If you have courses or training that are relevant to the job, include these here.


1. Compile all the ingredients in an organized way. Ensure your resume is no more than two pages. If you can say everything that needs saying in one page, do so.

Know that if your resume is longer than two pages, it probably won’t be read.

2. Make sure all of your contact information is included and correct. This includes references. Note: It’s probably best to leave out emails with funny names.

3. Proofread.

You must proofread your material very closely and then recruit some help. Ask someone with excellent grammar skills to do a final read-through. The spell check function on your computer is of some value, of course, but it will not recognize contextual mistakes.

4. To make your resume stand out even more, become proficient in computer applications which are heavily used in a number of industries.

You may be generally familiar with Excel or Adobe Acrobat, but potential employers will be much more impressed if you show that you have experience with programs like InDesign or SharePoint.

QuickStart offers numerous End User training options to give you the skills you need to build a dynamite job portfolio.

Enroll today and be on your way toward a rewarding career!

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