What Every IT Budget Needs


What Every IT Budget Needs

Planning and implementing an appropriate IT budget can seem impossible. Not only must IT professionals use designated funds to maintain existing operations, but they must also look for ways to be innovative within their industry, while also trying to cut costs wherever they can.

Because of the role technology plays in business today, it’s safe to say that most organizations have IT operations. However, apart from general equipment and network maintenance, the function of IT departments changes from industry to industry.

For example, IT professionals in the banking industry may focus more on data security, while those in the retail industry look for ways to simplify the buying process through digital channels. Therefore, when deciding how to spend their budget, IT professionals must be aware of the needs of their company.

Nevertheless, there are some items that all IT departments must address, like cloud migration. The move from local data storage to the cloud is an issue that most companies are dealing with today. This could increase operational costs for a company, but subsequently decrease capital spending as they terminate the use of local servers.

In a survey conducted by Computer Economics, analysts found that 56% of organizations surveyed plan to increase spending on cloud storage in the coming year.

"IT executives today are in a good position to think strategically, lobby for IT investment, and deliver real long-term value to the business,” determines the report. “We are beginning to see the first signs that cloud computing is having a positive, if disruptive, influence."

So while cloud migration may be adding to IT costs, its effect is visible. And as the landscape of IT in business continues to evolve, it will soon be an inevitable part of every IT budget. Companies should begin to consider allocating more funds toward deploying, and someday expanding, the cloud.

But while spending on cloud storage may be obvious, IT professionals may not realize the need to budget for other items, like training. IT is known to be an ever-changing industry, with faster software and sleeker equipment available every year. Therefore, IT professionals must be properly trained and certified to utilize updated technology.

With the right tools, IT professionals have the ability to elevate a company to new and unprecedented heights within their industry. If businesses want to be able to explore new opportunities and remain competitive, they must realize the importance of IT training.

And as IT courses and certifications can be expensive, it’s crucial for companies to look for relevant and cost-efficient training providers.

Thankfully, QuickStart offers businesses the quality training they need to keep their IT employees proficient in key technologies without breaking budgets.

If you’re in the process of planning your 2016 IT budget or looking to use up your existing yearly budget, contact a sales representative.

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