Get Trained in these 6 App Development Areas for Massive Enterprise Benefit in 2019


Get Trained in these 6 App Development Areas for Massive Enterprise Benefit in 2019

The year 2018 was and yet remains to be a big success for enterprises that focused on new shifting trends in the app development domain. 2019 is, however, deemed to be a fortune for bigger enterprises, and getting trained in upcoming app development areas is a necessity which cannot be overlooked. The in-house mobile & web app development team has to enhance its learning curve to keep up with the pace. The world is very close to an age when people would be saying ‘there is an app for that’ which means that there would be apps for anything to everything. This statement is to be proven true in 2019 and observing these 6 app development trends in 2019 could put your enterprise at an advantage.

Mobile Commerce

With the inception of E-commerce, many enterprises across the globe sustained and gathered huge profits from global mobile payments market. The term E-commerce is going to evolve in the years ahead and 2019 is assumed to be the opening year for M-Commerce which is the evolved form of E-Commerce, rather termed as Mobile-Commerce.

More and more customers are shifting towards mobile purchases and making their first buys on-the-move via smartphones. Integrating your mobile and web application skills is just the thing your enterprise needs to sustain in 2019. And for that, your in-house app and web developers need to receive app development training. A lot of people are confused between the terms, i.e. mobile-commerce and e-commerce. Forbes explains evident differences between both the terms in this article which is sufficient enough to clear the misunderstanding between both the technologies.

Cloud Computing Applications

The cloud computing application market is expected to grow at a double rate if you compare 2019 with the current year. Sharp profit hikes are expected to be incurred for enterprises in the 1st quarter of 2019 with the number continuously rising in the remaining quarters. This is because memory storage and space issues are being witnessed by users across the globe and to overcome these issues, we need to welcome cloud computing applications soon enough. However, due to lack of firm security thresholds and stricter data security checkpoints, users haven’t completely shifted their data to cloud applications and servers. Enterprises across the globe are working hard and training their web & app developers further in the area of cloud computing to sustain their positions in 2019, so why should you be left behind?

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile and web applications with integrated AI support will become more common and widespread next year. The best examples are Google Assistant, SiRi and Amazon Alexa who have set a new trend of a robotic world. This means that the demand for Artificial Intelligence would be on a boom in 2019 and every 6 out of 10 enterprises would be developing AI-integrated mobile apps. The core reason behind this is the increasing fame of chat-bots. The chat-bot applications are capable of saving a great amount of investment for businesses worldwide. And due to this fact, the AI market will expand in 2019 and will thus harness great demand for trained & certified app development professionals.

Smart Wearable Gadgets

On a year to year basis, the industry of smart wearable gadgets is consistently leaping forward and it’s no surprise that 2019 is a year of wearable gadgets worldwide. This is in turn going to increase the demand for custom applications for wearable gadgets and only a certified application developer would be able to tap the opportunity for meeting with the organization’s goals in the longer run in 2019. Some popular wearable devices would include smartwatches, fitness bands, on-body sensors, and smart jewelry all of which would be controlled by custom-made applications.

AR and VR

AR and VR will be integrated in high-end applications on a much broader scale in 2019. This technology is soon to witness some massive growth in the year ahead. Particularly if we talk about the Asian continent, the AR market has seen an upwards growth during the last few years. Mobile and web application developers are inclining more towards developing AR and VR applications, but this requires hands-on training from an institute that could provide a 360° learning experience to mobile and web app developers; working in IT enterprises around the world.

On-Demand Apps

Convenience is a factor that is kept in mind while developing mobile applications in the current scenario. If we talk about hired rides, there are apps like Uber that have re-invented the way we travel through public transport. These are basically on-demand apps which are developed after analyzing a situation of what’s going around in the world. Identification of needs is the main idea here. 2019 is open to welcome such on-demand apps that will ease the process of food delivery, laundry washing, home chores and every other life necessity that needs to be fulfilled at just a single click.

Maximum scalability and customizability are two broader aspects for developing on-demand apps and developers or enterprises not receiving sufficient training and in-depth counseling in this specific area would be far left behind the competition in 2019.

App Development Training

Targeted app development training and certifications such as ASP .NET and Angular JS can help enterprise teams avail incredible business benefits in the near future.

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