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  1. The 5 Types of Developers and How Agile Can Help Them All

    The 5 Types of Developers and How Agile Can Help Them All

    Your developers have a diverse lineup of personalities, like in Netflix’s popular series “money heist”. Every developer has a different skillset with some cons attached to it: The Futurist consistently needs to receive the most recent tech, the Scout has to get ready for each possible use-case before he composes any code, the Historian is the most experienced one however incredulous of the new (he's seen more than any of the team member), the Lone Wolf prefers to ride solo, and last but not the least, the Dev-Optimist is unhesitatingly ready to update the framework in just seven days.
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  2. Python for Data Science Vs. Python for Web Development

    Python for Data Science Vs. Python for Web Development

    Python is one of the top programming languages for leading big data companies and tech startups. It is a versatile language used for various purposes, including numerical computations, data science, web development, and machine learning.
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  3. Web Development Technologies Evolution

    Web Development Technologies Evolution

    The world is advancing at a remarkable speed. The never-ending research on technological interventions over the years has changed the face of the earth. While talking about advancements, one of the fastest evolving areas is the internet. The Internet is eventually changing everything, including ourselves. The impact of the internet on business, education, communication, science, technology, and the human race cannot be denied. Certainly, the internet is one of the most significant and influential creations in the history of human existence.
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  4. Beginners Roadmap to Web Development

    Beginners Roadmap to Web Development

    Internet and web development go hand in hand. Since the advent of the internet, web development existed in one form or another, and it has been progressing accordingly. The growth of WWW has been exponential since the beginning. Such has been the rate of advancement in web development which has transformed the internet and the World Wide Web. To deliver the new trends and technologies, and maintain the pace with what was quickly becoming the new computing phenomenon prevailing today, modern web development techniques and technologies were considered the need of the hour. Web development has been adapting to rapid technological interventions and changes. From the basic Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to modern Progressive Web Apps (PWA), web development has undergone a lot of advancements over time. The web development field is exciting and on the top of the digital age. Given the never-ending technological innovations, it’s also a continuously growing field.
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  5. React JS Cheat Sheet

    React JS Cheat Sheet

    React JS history dates back to 2011 when it was first created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook. It was first deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed in 2011 and on in 2012. React JS is a JavaScript library being used for building user interfaces, primarily for single-page applications. It is used for managing the view layer for mobile apps and the web. This library can be used in conjunction with other JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS. It was created to enhance performance through speed, scalability and simplicity. As of date, React is powering Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites.  The statistics for year end 2019 show that 659,358 websites have been developed with React JS.
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  6. 10 Applications of Object Oriented Programming

    10 Applications of Object Oriented Programming

    Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming language model that revolves around objects and not actions. Historically, it was viewed as a procedure that takes input, processes the data, and gives output. Web developers across the world learn Object Oriented Programming with Python to achieve a number of goals. If you are new to the game, here are some basic concepts of OOP:

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  7. VUE.JS Cheat Sheet

    VUE.JS Cheat Sheet

    Vue. JS officially came into the limelight in 2014 and is being widely used for web development. Vue.js is a JavaScript progressive framework with a variety of tools for building user interfaces. Vue.JS framework usage is not just limited to web interfaces; it is also being used for both mobile app development and desktop with Electron framework. Programmers can undertake Vue.JS training through front end web development training programs.
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  8. How Maintaining HTML5 Skills Can Grow Your Career

    You might already be familiar with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language),which evolved primarily to standardize the open web platform. The latest (and the greatest) version of this language, HTML5, is a game-changer that adds a ton of new features to the HTML repertoire, and lets developers work faster and more efficiently. HTML5 isn’t just about additional markup tags—it’s about APIs that developers program using client-side script. With more agility, mobile-friendly, and compatibility with more browsers, HTML5 offers a whole new paradigm for developing web applications.

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