6 Mobile App Development Trends and Technologies for 2019


6 Mobile App Development Trends and Technologies for 2019

It is quite easy to predict the most trending mobile app development technologies for 2019; keeping the current trends of interest and advanced technology in mind. Since we are already in the third quarter of 2018, the mindset of the developers is becoming clearer with the way they are analyzing and evolving with the modern approach of mobile app tech and development. They want to keep the current trends alive but also offer something new and highly innovative in 2019. With the technical features and new inventions coming up in the highlights, it isn't wrong to think that 2019 will be the year of the future of mobile app development. Both individuals and businesses will have a lot to anticipate this year.

Top Mobile App Development Tech and Trends

With technology, it's the user and the usage that drives innovation, exciting development trends, and new ideas to meet growing demand. Developers are implementing newer and more effective ways to encourage users to engage with the device and apps on them.

The following are some of the most exciting predicted trends that we can experience next year!

Smart Things

The Internet of Things has never been so relevant before. IoT has become much more than just a buzzword. It has already secured its position in various industries, and 2018 became the year where it knew no limitations. Indeed, with IoT, there are endless possibilities with applications and technology that drive on this associated ecosystem. Recently, it has been quite a subject in the retail industry, which is continuing to evolve using the method to improve their business in the digital age. The real estate industry is using it to build smart cities and parking lots with sensors.

The system is taking over every sector including educational institutions, automobiles, healthcare, and more. And it will be foolish to think that this is the end of IoT implementation. In fact, it is believed to spread at a much faster pace in 2019 and will offer great benefits to the user. Tech creators and developers are paying special attention to IoT and working deeper on its roots to provide automation that currently we can only think of.  

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We can't ignore the role of AI in mobile applications. The bidding process is now expected to upgrade to a next level - thanks to the response it received from the users. Things that we could only dream about or watch in sci-fi films a decade ago is now turning into reality.

Robots are replacing humans and increasing efficiency in various departments, including customer service. This is expected to continue in the coming years too. Both Machine Learning and AI are accepted and adopted by organizations to reduce operational costs and increase productivity. According to IDC, more than 75% of workers mobilized in ERP solutions will depend on AI to achieve better efficiency and other similar goals in 2019. Even sectors like healthcare and automobiles will revolutionize by ChatBots and AI.

Wearable Technological Advancement

Since its introduction in various forms, wearable has been quite an adopted technology trend this year. It has proved to be a reliable tech form that demonstrates a great level of responsibility when it comes to results. There are wearable gadgets for various purposes available today. The most common ones are used to measure health and fitness by keeping a consistent check on eating habits, heartbeats, and exercise routines. Both Android and iPhone producers are introducing wearable devices to make users' lives easier and more comfortable. The trend is definitely going to continue and expectedly grow in 2019.

Cloud-Based Web Application Development and Mobile Apps

Storing and retrieving crucial information has never been more important. With data security becoming a major concern, majority smartphone owners demanded a secure way to store important data. Today, every latest mobile randomly offers cloud management services. Regardless of how much a mobile can offer in the name of storage, there's still going to be limitations, which can be dealt with when you have access to cloud storage. It is not going to be a problem in the years to come as this will be completely resolved by cloud technology. The user will be in charge of saving all the data and information in a specific cloud to be able to access it whenever and wherever they want. The limitation of the mobile storage will be resolved forever!

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

While the roots of augmented reality go back to 2014, the changes and evolution of the concept since have been quite prominent. The technology has been pretty impactful not only in the gaming sector but overall. Snapchat is, of course, the best example of augmented reality and is also the fastest growing social media platform. The user engagement on this platform has grown drastically and is becoming an inspiration for app developers to continue executing the technique. We can expect to see several applications working on similar technology in the years to come. In 2019, virtual reality is expected to boom, resulting in a rise of associated wearable and mobile applications.

Mobile Wallet

In addition to the convenience of buying online, there is going to be an expected growth in the usage and development of mobile wallet technology. This is making spending money easier and more protected. Users now can use apps to make financial transactions without compromising on encryption. The online purchasing and online booking systems are going to be on the rise.

Mobile application development is growing at an impressive pace, and we can expect to be surprised in the coming years. Today, we rely on various apps to perform daily tasks, and with improvements implemented in the system, we are likely to experience some truly disruptive and transformative concepts in the near future. 

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