8 Free Security Tools Every Future Developer Should Know and Use


8 Free Security Tools Every Future Developer Should Know and Use

Security is the most valuable thing in the cyber world. It is the fundamental factor that makes the difference. Software and applications of different companies are compared by how secure it is. It is usually the first thing people ask about when they need some internet-based services. We can see how the internet has grown so much and has captured the whole world. But with that, hacking activities have also grown. It has been a part of the daily routine to hear about security breaches. The digital world has evolved a lot, but the techniques of hacking and its tools have evolved as well, which is threatening as well as disturbing.

It is not like we cannot fight these cyberattacks because we absolutely can. The best way to do that is by installing proper security on our software, application, or website. It is the only foolproof way to stop them from harming us. Once we install the most reliable security on our system, we can test security before going online. Keep testing it now and then, and keep removing the vulnerabilities, if found any. Because even a little amount of loophole in your application, software, or website can lead hackers right into your system, compromising all the data. Let's see what security testing is and why do we need it.

What is Security Testing?

To make sure that the system we are storing our data in is secure or not. And to make sure we test the system with different possible ways. It is called security testing. We do security testing because we want to make the system well secured from all kinds of cyberattacks. There are some specific areas that we cover when testing the security, such as confidentiality, authorization, and availability. There are free security tools also available online by using which you can protect your system and software.

8 Free Security Tools Available

A developer is a person who develops the software, application, or website. There has been a misconception about developed that they do not care about security when developing. But as we have discussed earlier, now is the time when software and services are being taken just because of their better security. And, developers also have to sell their developed software so they try to make the security as good as they can. They are the first ones to think about security, and we consumers come way down the list.

Over the past few years, developers have stepped up in the T industry like big time. As they are not only providing software to us but also offering web development certifications and even cybersecurity Bootcamp. Well, there are some free tools in regards to cybersecurity that developers should know about and use them. The top 8 of those free security tools are the following.

  1. Burp Suite

When it comes to pen testing, Burp Suite is always a good option. Its testing process is supported by different tools it has. It tests the security of an application from start to end and exploits all the vulnerabilities it has.

  1. Zed Attack Proxy (Zap)

Zed attack proxy is a security tool to test the security of web applications, and it is developed by OWASP. It can test the application from the development phase to the testing phase and tell you about all the existing vulnerabilities. A new person can use it as efficiently as an expert due to its easy user interface.

  1. ModSecurity

It is free web-based firewall protection, and a lot of big servers like Nginx and Apache support Modsecurity. It can protect your web application from a variety of attacks.

  1. WhiteSource Bolt

WhiteSource Bolt is in-built security support on Github and Microsoft Azure DevOps. It provides developers the environment to work without being tensed about security, as it provides security alerts.

  1. Checkmarx

It is a security tool that can test a lot of your applications and point out the vulnerabilities for you. It can also test your SQL code and check for any threats.

  1. LGTM

It is originally an analysis platform that can check your code for any kind of vulnerability. It works on the rules of data science and provides you with some accurate results.

  1. Find Security Bugs

There is an analysis tool named FindBugs, and FSB is a plugin of that tool. it uses bug patterns to find all the potential security issues in your code. We can use it to scan all java and android applications.

  1. Skipfish

If you want t check all the pages of your website thoroughly, you should go for Skipfish as it does not only checks deeply for threats but also utilize minimum CPU.

Well, security has always been an essential part of internet-based services, and rightly so. These mentioned tools are the best to use, and you should surely give them a shot.

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