Young App Developers Who Became Millionaires: You Could be Next


Young App Developers Who Became Millionaires: You Could be Next

There are about millions of apps working both on Android and iOS systems, these apps have been downloaded billions of times and the trend doesn’t seem to be settling any time soon. The main reason behind this approach is because apps are more user dedicated and have a better User interface than windows or web application based systems. People use apps on daily basis and even if the usage is restricted to a normal limit still a person on average is using about 2-3 apps on a daily basis.

Given the current usage statistics the market for app development is also pretty thick, people have made millions and even billions of dollars, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Twitter are some of the glimmering examples. But there are other useful apps too, other than the social media category that is worth the mention, but more surprising thing is that these apps were created by young developers with limited resources, average skills but a clear understanding of what the people wanted. If they can do it then you can do it too, following are some honorable mentions who were able to take the game to an absolutely next level;

  1. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick is an English computer programmer and internet entrepreneur, he is best known for developing Summly which is a summarization and artificial intelligence technology developed with the help of SRI international. In 2011 he worked on another app known as Trimmit which exclusively caught the attention of Apple, the app could condense the text into 500 or 140 character summary. The application was then funded with about $300k in venture capital funding and later that year in 2011 Nick completely redid the app and launched it as Summly.

In 2013 the app was sold to Yahoo for a booming 30 million dollars including an award which was presented to Nick, titled as the inventor of the year.

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  1. Brian Wong

He is a Canadian internet entrepreneur who with his friends and colleagues in 2010 developed an app known as Kiip that allowed companies and brands to give real-world awards for in-game achievements to the customers. 

It is now active on about 75 million devices and is integrated into other 1100 apps. Later on as the success of the app became imminent various big guns joined the show and bestowed about 15 million dollars in venture capital fund to Brian Wong. He has done various TEDx since then and is recognized as the best person when it comes to running marketing campaigns for mobile advertising.

  1. Chad Mureta

Chad Mureta met an unfortunate accident on the road and was hospitalized for some time when he was returning from a basketball game. During the time that he was hospitalized, he came up with a bright idea of building an app called Fingerprint Security Pro app. He noticed that some of the staff at the hospital as well as some of the doctors were always tapping and looking at his phone and that is when he started thinking about the security of the phones not only for himself but for the other patients that come in too. He has no expertise in coding or programming, he only sketched the idea on the piece of paper and sent it to a developer.

His only expertise lies in being a problem solver and having explicit business and marketing skills, he then after the success of the app created his own company where other similar apps were developed and money was kind of flowing in. He created and sold a total of three different mobile apps that range in millions. He has not given up since and still creates and develops apps that have potential and can help people solve their various problems.

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  1. Robert Nay

He was only 14 when his friends got him to try and develop an iPhone app and it was then where the idea took its roots. He didn’t have any previous knowledge in coding or programming and thus took off to the public library for finding out things that could help him in this endeavor. He made his own game app called bubble ball, according to Robert he came with the idea about the game all by himself but it was influenced by other games that he had played over the course of time and suggestions of those around him.

The game that he developed has been downloaded about 2 million times on the App store and for the revenue the app created, the app has a #3 place in the Ansca Mobile’s hall of fame. The current statistics for the game are about 16 million times for the overall downloads and it is still among the top of the chats when it comes to downloading free arcade games.

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