How to Launch Your Career in Artificial Intelligence


How to Launch Your Career in Artificial Intelligence

What Is artificial intelligence?

AI is a computer science field that explores the development of intelligent machines that respond and work like humans. A few of the tasks developed for computers through artificial intelligence include:

  • Task planning
  • Speech recognition
  • Automated learning
  • Self-driving cars
  • Machine-based problem solving

Many technologies also help to support and enable artificial intelligence technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), which produces large volumes of unanalyzed data from connected devices.

Another type of technology — graphical processing units — are important to artificial intelligence, as they offer the high computational power needed for iterative processing. APIs also support AI technologies, as compact code packages that allow existing software and product packages to add artificial intelligence functionality. In-home security systems can further incorporate AI, through incorporated image recognition capabilities and Q&A functionality that explain data, generate headlines and captions or point out action-ready data trends and insights.

How do I begin a career in artificial intelligence?

There are many ways to begin a career in artificial intelligence. To earn the AI job of your dreams, you'll need the right combination of skill and experience that demonstrates your career aptitude to employers.

We recommend learners to do the following:

Step 1: Break all barriers to mindsets.

Believe that you can apply and practice machine learning (ML) with real-life examples in the real world. It all begins with an idea and, utilizing ML, you can bring the idea into action. 

If you find this challenging, then tell yourself the following:

  • What is keeping you apart from your objectives in ML?
  • How can I think about issues with ML?
  • How can a coach support me break down my obstacles?

Find a positive meeting group for ML and connect with them.

Step 2: Have a process.

Use a method to work on challenges with ML:

  • Review the modifications to the algorithm.
  • Prepare a data set.
  • Enhance the outcomes of the data.
  • Represent the conclusions to the stakeholders.

These items can help you prepare your process for future ML success.

Step 3: Select a tool for programming.

Choose a tool for each programming stage and map it to your method.

Step No 4: Practice your skills.

Choose datasets to work on and practice them.

Step No 5: Develop your performance into a good portfolio.

Once you have developed skills in artificial intelligence, show employers that you understand what techniques of ML you can develop.

Understanding the Artificial Intelligence Career Landscape

For a while now, artificial intelligence has been a good career option and, as the application of artificial intelligence continues to expand in different verticals, the demand for qualified experts is also growing. AI should create many interesting and promising job opportunities. If you are an artificial intelligence enthusiast, be confident and plan for a fantastic artificial intelligence career.

Here are a few common jobs in the artificial intelligence sector:

  • Robotic Scientist: A robotic scientist is anyone with advanced AI education who develops mechanical devices that execute different functions. Some robotics scientists builod devices that go where people can't go. Others develop robots that perform microscopic activities with robotic hands. A robot may automate work, but it needs anyone to be able to build robots. Candidates must have a graduate degree equivalent to engineering or computer science to be a robotic scientist.
  • Business Intelligence Developer: In recent times, the market for business intelligence developers has increased. BI developers spends a lot of time studying and preparing strategies within the organization for existing issues. A business intelligence developer performs a critical role in growing the organization's productivity and profitability, whether it's analyzing complicated data or searching for an existing business strategy.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: ML engineers are known to be one of the most searched artificial intelligence career jobs. To be an ML engineer, you need to have a solid understanding of software expertise and statistical models. You'll also need to know how to use natural language processing (NLP) while dealing with large data sets.
  • Data Scientist: A data scientist uses ML and predictive analytics to gather, evaluate and report data from different sources. This process helps them fully understand how organizations operate and informs any artificial intelligence instruments they develop. Aspiring data scientists need experience in utilizing big data tools and platforms like Spark, Pig, Hadoop, MapReduce and Hive. They also need to understand programming languages like Python, SQL, Perl, and Scala.
  • Research Scientist: A researcher is someone responsible for planning, carrying out and evaluating data from lab-based controlled studies, trials and experiments. Research scientists should have a good understanding of various artificial intelligence fields.

Knowledge and Educational Prerequisites for AI

If you are fascinated by artificial intelligence and curious about how to begin, then having a bachelor's degree in computer science and mathematics is the first key requirement.

Build up a base in the following areas before you plunge into artificial intelligence:

  • Robotics, engineering and physics
  • Bayesian networking
  • Mathematics: Calculus, algebra, algorithms and logic, statistics, probability
  • Computer science: Skill in coding with popular programming languages like Java, Python, Lisp, Julia, etc.
  • Theory of cognitive science

Top 3 Tools for Learning Artificial Intelligence Online

Practice Artificial Intelligence with Google

This Google platform offers a program that begins from a simple overview of ML to training and designing neural networks to beginning with TensorFlow. The best thing about this program is that you do not need any previous experience to get started; it is built in such a way that you can find data and exercises to help you improve your expertise and develop your projects, whether you are just beginning with coding or you are a seasoned ML practitioner.

Google's Machine Learning Course

This program is on deep learning from Google via Udacity, offering us an introduction to what deep learning is really all about. Looking at individuals who are seeking to act as data scientists, data analysts or ML engineers in machine learning, neural network technology.

Also, if anyone wishes to dive deeper, Udacity has a full-fledged certification training deep learning program to provide deeper hands-on training.

MIT: Self-driving Cars Deep Learning

MIT describes an approach that uses one big real-world feature of artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles, with several courses accessible on the internet regarding AI. This program (an overview of deep learning practice) from MIT focuses on individuals who have just begun in the area of machine learning. This program, therefore, is also beneficial for those who are already involved in deep learning space or machine learning, according to MIT.

Three Platforms You Must Try for AI Job Hunting

It's an era dominated by technology. You do not have to walk around, knocking on the company doors to recruit you; we have artificial intelligence and the internet. Let's take a look at a few of the top platforms/portals for job searching that will support you in landing your right job in the artificial intelligence sector.


Indeed, today's job sites are the most common. With a quick and powerful interface, the platform makes it much easier to search for jobs that suit well for the work seeker. Scrape down everything from business recruiting pages to direct hiring/job tweets, yes. 

How about searching? Simply type the location and keyword of the appropriate job title. The only click applies and you'll get the job you're searching for. You could also sign up and build an account to apply for work, which makes things simpler for you.


LinkedIn is the biggest global network in the world, with even more than 562 million members in more than 200 territories and countries worldwide. LinkedIn Job Search is among the best sites for job hunting, offering great jobs posted. You can also reach out to the key players in the market and have a recruitment discussion.

Google for jobs

You should never neglect Google when it comes to looking for something online. (Do not get worried! It's not Google's work search engine.) So, it's exactly the same as Google search results, except here, Google just looks for employment. It shows jobs that have already been posted on various portals. 

Google work search is useful in contrast to employment opportunities on various portals since it saves time. So, if you're searching for an Artificial Intelligence job, first try Google Job Hunt and then try out some other sites.


Artificial intelligence has played a crucial role in the field of technology since its inception, enhancing the standard of life through several sectors. And speaking of what the future will hold, it is impossible to foresee. The way artificial intelligence progresses, however, it seems that the developments in the near future will be wonderful and those developments will only be successful because there are professionals who are educated and employed in the artificial intelligence sector.

If you have a goal of creating with incredible technology, then it is probably time that you must start opening the path for an AI career.

The Most Popular AI Certifications Include:

  • Python Programming Course Training - Certified Associate
  • Beginner: intro to the teaching in machine learning courses
  • Intermediate: Artificial Intelligence with python
  • Advanced: Blockchain certification

Depending on the field you want to work in, other relevant tech knowledge you need can vary.

  • Unsupervised learning-algorithms try to find trends in data, in this case, searching for correlations that can be used to classify that knowledge.
  • Supervised learning is the method of training vast numbers of datasets to a computer.
  • The machine tries to optimize getting paid on its data input, essentially going via a trial-and-error process before it achieves the best possible result.

Industries That Employ Researchers in AI

From self-driving vehicles, automated response systems, medical research, patent searches and risk notification, every company has a large requirement for artificial intelligence technologies. AI threatens the future of jobs, as per the Brookings Institute, a not-for-profit research organization. They say we must not fight the rise of AI, but government policy enforcers need to treat it properly. Many report that a fifth of the jobs we think of today will all be washed out just because of AI technology and automation within fifteen years.


Artificial intelligence offers online purchasing features that offer customized suggestions and speak to the customer about purchasing choices. With artificial intelligence, stock management and site development technologies can also be enhanced.

Health Care

Customized medication and X-ray readings can be given by artificial intelligence apps. Healthcare assistants will serve as life coaches, encouraging you to eat better, exercise and take the right medicines.


As it streams from connected devices to predict expected demand and load utilizing recurrent networks, artificial intelligence can evaluate factory IoT data, a particular form of deep learning model used for data sets.


The precision, speed and enhancement of human efforts are enhanced by AI. Artificial intelligence methods can be used in financial institutions to classify which transactions are probable to be suspicious, implement fast and reliable credit scoring, and also automate severe information management activities manually.

Importance of Networking

We have a free group of Digital Natives Meetups, with over 2,400 participants. This community is a perfect place for other networks and IT experts to meet. It could enable you to get your foot through the door with these free events. Every month, we have meetings covering current topics and interests in the rapidly evolving area of artificial intelligence/machine learning. We have professionals who are full-time experts who explain cutting-edge technology and discuss with you their passions for the area of information technology.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Van Loon answered, when asked about the artificial intelligence future, that the pace of growth makes it difficult to foresee the future. We cannot really guess what's going to happen with the innovation we will see in the coming years, but we do believe we already have a lack of qualified artificial intelligence and machine learning experts. Only when we get people educated and put in the millions of artificial intelligence jobs can the gap expand. Get certified if you would like to become one of those experts, because the sooner you begin your training, the sooner you can work in this important and fast-growing sector.

As the requirement for machine learning and artificial intelligence has increased, companies need practitioners with in-and-out expertise and hands-on expertise with these technologies. In association with IBM, QuickStart is offering an Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp program that can help you increase knowledge in specific industry technology and techniques from NLP, Python, and speech recognition to specialized deep learning, keeping in mind the innate need. In booming fields such as AI, ML and deep learning, this post-graduate course will enable you to rise in the crowd and expand your profession. QuickStart’s Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp program can help you in learning in-demand skills and landing the highest paying jobs.

If you want to become an artificial intelligence professional, then we've found the correct path for you. The Career Guidance for AI will give you insights into the most trending innovations, the top recruiting firms, the necessary skills to kick start your career in the booming field of artificial intelligence, and provide you with a customized roadmap to becoming a good artificial intelligence professional.

You can connect with our experts for counseling on your next step to succeed in your career or learn more about  AI courses. Start your 30-day free trial to access over 900 self-paced courses.

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