Are AI & Machine Learning Bootcamps Worth It?


Are AI & Machine Learning Bootcamps Worth It?

Computer scientists, information research technicians, data analysts and UX researchers all have one thing in common: they’re part of the rapidly evolving world of AI. Artificial intelligence — the use of machine learning to perform mundane, complex or repetitive tasks — integrates computer systems in several important ways.

Here’s the good news: careers in machine learning and AI are only growing in demand.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, computer and information research scientist careers are expected to grow 22% from 2020 to 2030. That’s a growth rate much higher than the average across all occupations, and nearly double the average across all computer-related occupations.

Maybe you’re only looking to learn a little more about the world of AI and machine learning. Perhaps you’re looking to earn a position in the industry — and you know that the right bootcamp can help you expedite the learning curve and adopt the new skills you deserve.

Bootcamps represent one of the absolute best ways to earn a fast education, with absolutely no reduction in quality. As long as you find the right AI and machine learning bootcamp — one that offers flexible scheduling and tailors their curriculum to your skillset — the investment is absolutely worth it.

How can I develop skills in AI and machine learning?

Today, there are so many ways to deepen your skills in AI and machine learning. If you do enough homework on your education options, you’ll find two consistent options among the rest: traditional and online learning.

Both an in-person and a remote education can help you achieve your career goals in AI and machine learning. Depending on your preferences, one option might be better for you right now than the other.

If you’re someone who learns better in a classroom environment, where an in-person instructor reviews lessons at a set pace, then you’ll want to opt for more of a traditional tech education.

However, if you’re someone who thrives when faced with hands-on labs, real-world projects and an entire panel of the world’s greatest AI experts as instructors, then we invite you to give our online AI and machine learning bootcamp a try. You can achieve a 338% ROI on your initial investment, in the span of only two years.

What salary can I earn in the AI and machine learning industry?

With the right education and credentials, there’s no reason why you can’t earn a rewarding, six-figure salary in the AI and machine learning world.

Even before you finish your AI and machine learning bootcamp, you’ll grow into a strong candidate for hire. Your course mentors will help you tailor your portfolio in ways that make you particularly attractive to a hiring manager with an eye for talent.

You’ll also learn how to optimize your resume, answer interview questions and identify potential employers who might offer aggressive compensation.

On average, you can expect to earn $133,000 per year in the AI and machine learning field. After a year or two in the industry, there’s also a good chance that you’ll be eligible for further compensation improvements.

Soon after you complete a recognized AI and machine learning bootcamp, you’ll find yourself eligible for a variety of high-profile tech positions. These can include:

  • AI researcher
  • Machine learning specialist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Data architect
  • Software architect
  • Software engineer
  • Robotics engineer

These and other rewarding career options can instantly validate the time, money and effort that you invest into an AI and machine learning bootcamp. Of course, your salary will depend on a few factors, including your location, any active certifications and any agreements you’ve made with your employer.

What will I learn in an AI and machine learning bootcamp?

In only weeks, you’ll begin to develop foundational skills that will help you satisfy a long-term career in the AI and machine learning industry.

Depending on your individual interests, and the educational modules available on your particular bootcamp, you might learn the following AI skills:

  • Programming
  • Deep learning
  • Distributed computing
  • Statistics
  • Neural network architecture
  • Signal processing
  • Data engineering
  • Machine learning languages

Along with a host of other skills, these strategies will help you develop into a well-rounded AI and machine learning expert — before your first day on the job begins.

Are AI and machine learning bootcamps worth it?

Here’s the short answer: Yes.

Here’s the long answer: Still yes.

AI and machine learning bootcamps are one of the industry’s best ways to learn skills, deepen your abilities and work alongside some of the world’s foremost AI experts. You’ll earn a Certificate of Completion upon graduation, which can help move the needle toward the hire or promotion you know you deserve.

Through an AI and machine learning bootcamp, students like you can learn at their own pace, retaining more information as they prepare to face the real-life challenges they’re already solving daily in class.

Of course, investing in your future also means investing in an online AI and machine learning bootcamp. Our AI bootcamps begin around $6,800 — far less expensive than many of our competitors. This package also includes virtually everything you’ll need to scale your career in AI — hundreds of hands-on labs, mentor-led sessions, comprehensive curriculums and more.

You’ll also earn access to our comprehensive Career Services department, which can help guide you before, during and after your bootcamp. They’ll help address resume gaps, prepare you for interviews, even coach you one-on-one as you consider your next career steps.

We make our Career Services department available for all bootcamp students, up to a year after your bootcamp ends.

Whether you’re looking to move away from a past career or simply toward a bright future in AI, there’s never a better time to start than today. Our immersive AI and machine learning bootcamp library can teach you everything you need to know about the evolving world of AI.

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