Is a Cloud Bootcamp Worth It?


Is a Cloud Bootcamp Worth It?

Cloud computing is here to stay. In 2017, the global cloud market was valued at roughly $30 billion. By 2020, that value had already reached $61 billion. That’s a growth rate of more than 26%, much higher than the average across all industries.

On its current trajectory, cloud computing as an industry will reach a $390 billion valuation by 2028. If you’re looking for a rock-solid industry with upward growth potential, look no further than the world of on-demand cloud computer and system resources.

Maybe you’re simply interested in learning more about cloud computing. Perhaps you’re seeking an opportunity for a promotion, through the additional certification and credibility a proven cloud computing bootcamp provides.

No matter the reason for your interest in cloud computing, bootcamps represent one of the best ways to expedite your education. And as long as you find the right bootcamp — one tailored toward your calendar and capable of deepening your skillset — a cloud bootcamp is absolutely worth your investment.

How can I learn cloud computing?

There are several different ways to familiarize yourself with cloud computing concepts. If you’re looking for a proper education on all things cloud computing, you’ll typically find two options: traditional and online learning.

Each option offers distinct benefits. Traditional cloud computing courses are typically taught in a classroom, where you’re surrounded with other peers attempting to learn foundational cloud concepts. Often, your instructor will walk you and other students through a variety of lessons, where you’ll take notes, prepare for exams, and earn grades based on your in-class performance.

Online cloud computing bootcamps offer entirely more freedom. Learn at your own pace, from a variety of high-level mentors looking to equip the next generation of cloud experts with the skills you’ll need to find success. While you learn, you’ll build a portfolio full of real-life projects that help to separate you from other potential applicants when it comes time to apply for lucrative cloud computing positions.

If you’re ready to take concrete steps toward a career in cloud computing, we’re certainly ready to help. Our mentor-led educational modules, calendar flexibility, career coaching and hands-on labs help prepare you for a cloud future of your choice. Achieve a 335% ROI from any of our cloud computing bootcamps, less than two years after you begin your first course.

What salary can I learn as a cloud computing expert?

Even before you complete a cloud computing bootcamp, you’ll be a strong candidate to fulfill any one of several rewarding cloud computing careers. You could be hired to engineer a cloud infrastructure, support an existing IT team, even teach fellow employees the basics of cloud-first computing.

On average, you can expect to earn a salary of $129,000 in the cloud engineering field, after graduating from a high-quality cloud computing bootcamp and completing any other career prerequisites. After a few years in the industry, you’ll likely be eligible for even better compensation packages.

After you complete an established cloud computing bootcamp, you’ll likely want to pursue a career in the field. These job options can include:

  • Cloud administrator
  • Cloud engineer
  • Cloud architect
  • Cloud network engineer
  • Cloud consultant

In some cases, your starting salary could approach six figures. Of course, your exact salary can depend on a number of factors, including your employer, certifications and any ongoing education.

What can I learn from a cloud computing bootcamp?

In a matter of weeks, you’ll begin to develop a foundation of useful cloud computing skills. Learn from experienced experts. And earn 12 months of career coaching after your bootcamp concludes. Depending on your individual interests, you might learn the following skills:

  • Cloud security
  • Cloud engineering and infrastructure
  • Online automation
  • Database navigation
  • Serverless architecture
  • Cloud migration

Along with a portfolio of other skills, these strategies will help you take your place in the current cloud computing career landscape. The right cloud computing bootcamp can equip students of all ages with the tools and the know-how to operate confidently in a variety of open cloud positions.

Are cloud computing bootcamps worth it?

Put simply, the right cloud computing bootcamp is worth every ounce of your time, money and effort.

Cloud computing bootcamps are one of the best ways that students like you can take massive steps toward an enriching, fulfilling cloud career.

Of course, any cloud computing bootcamp will require an investment on your part. Our cloud bootcamps begin around $6,800, a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about leveling up their cloud potential. More affordable than many other available cloud bootcamps, our package also includes comprehensive career support — including resume optimization and one-on-one mentorship — up to a year after your bootcamp concludes. We'll even help you prepare for common questions you might be asked during a cloud technology interview.

Here's another great benefit to many cloud bootcamps: they help you study for one or more of the certifications you'll need to secure a long-term cloud career. For example, you might be weighing the benefits of the AZ-204 certification, which identifies a student's capacity to navigate Azure storage, security and computational solutions. In other cases, you might consider an AWS certification, which can help you take steps toward becoming an AWS Certified Professional.

We offer a cloud computing bootcamp ideal for all skill levels. Whether you’re closing the doors on a past career or looking to earn an additional certification for your current job, our immersive cloud computing bootcamp library teach you everything you need to know about the ever-changing world of cloud engineering.

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