Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson
Information Security Instructor

Paul Jackson is a Computer Security professional, working in the field of Application, and Product Security. As an Application Security Generalist, he has experience in Secure Software Development, Security Automation, SAST / DAST tools, and Mitigation Strategy. He also has extensive experience in Software Security, Code reviews, Design reviews and Security Architecture.

How to become a Cyber Operator
July 11, 2022

How to Become a Cyber Operator

As data breaches, malware infections, and software vulnerabilities are so prevalent in today’s technology world, it’s better to consider the importance of these attacks without overlooking them. The hacker mindset should be understood correctly, and the role of skillful and well experienced cyber operators should be clear as they are the ones who can discover vulnerabilities in widespread computer systems.

cybersecurity analytics vs cybersecurity engineering
July 07, 2022

Cybersecurity Analytics vs Cybersecurity Engineering

The business industry and cybersecurity are getting involved more than ever due to the digital transformation the world is going through. Organizations have also realized the importance of cybersecurity, and they are working for it. In this transformation, they have to focus on two things that are cybersecurity analytics and cybersecurity engineering. But which one to start with? and which one to go for if we have to choose one? Let's look at both of them in detail to know what should be done when it comes to cybersecurity.

Creating your ideal cybersecurity career
June 29, 2022

How to Make the Most of Your Budding Cybersecurity Career

Professionals in cybersecurity are in high demand, but joining the profession can be tricky. To develop a successful cyber-security career, follow these tips. As corporations scramble to recruit qualified professionals to protect their data, the information security sector is increasingly growing. It would be smart for IT pros to consider a career move to consider cyber-security, where talent demand far exceeds supply. An abundance of open positions, however, doesn't mean that a career can come easily.

December 21, 2020

What Is an Ethical Hacker?

Hackers have been part of the popular imagination for decades, practically since personal computers have existed. They have evolved in the same way as computing, giving rise to different types according to their objective. Becoming a hacker is a dream of many people.

Quickstart Offering Private Training for Information Security Certifications
November 23, 2020

Quickstart Offering Private Training for Information Security Certifications

With malware threats at an all-time peak and nearly half of the data of the U.S. population historically breached due to the past Equifax hack, companies are continually focused on safety. Attackers are on the hunt as never before, and they are searching for cash-rich companies that can quickly hack virtual vaults. This has generated an overwhelming need for monitoring, and to address the ever-increasing cyber-attacks, organizations are hiring Information Technology Security Officers. For IT professionals wanting to do a little good in the world, being an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) is the best career. Information Technology Security Officers act like the superheroes who defend the company’s day and night while criminals are the real-world counterpart of supervillains. You, too, will become a superhero and make a comfortable living while doing so, armed with nothing but confidence and a CISSP certification.

Cybersecurity in Education: What Teachers, Parents, and Students Should Know
October 12, 2020

Cybersecurity in Education - What Teachers, Parents, and Students Should Know

Cybersecurity and education are two separate paths that need to cross if we want a secure future for us. Cybersecurity is an issue that is not going anywhere anytime soon, so we will have to find ways to cope with it. Spreading awareness regarding cybersecurity cannot undo the destruction caused by cyber-attacks, but we can control it by some margin.

What Is Digital Security: Everything You Need To Know About Becoming A Digital Security Expert
October 06, 2020

What is Digital Security: Everything You Need to Know About Becoming A Digital Security Expert

We live in a time when much of our personal and professional lives have become public on social media. We do our banking, bill paying, buying music, social planning, and even our job in this time of a global pandemic, in the digital world. This expanded dependence on digital networks and the internet has its cons alongside the comfort it gives.

A Look at Pen Testing: Getting Started
October 01, 2020

A Look at Pen Testing: Getting Started

This week, we talked about how to become a penetration tester, whether you should earn the PenTest+ certification, and how much money you can make in security.

September 30, 2020

18 Realistic Pen Testing Salaries in the US

We look at 18 (realistic) salaries for penetration testers across the United States — and the reasons for the salary ranges.

Is PenTest+ Worth It?
September 28, 2020

Is PenTest+ Worth It?

Whether or not you consider the PenTest+ worth the time, effort, and the cost is very much dependent on your career goals and experience.

A Look at CEH: Is It For You?
September 25, 2020

A Look at CEH: Is It For You?

We covered who should take the CEH, how much it will cost (really), and also a look at the more practical alternative, OSCP.

How Much Does the CEH Exam (Really) Cost?
September 22, 2020

How Much Does the CEH Exam (Really) Cost?

The CEH isn’t cheap. The CEH exam itself costs $1,199. Even applying to take the exam costs $100. And that doesn’t even include the training.

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