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5 Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Computing Environment

5 Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Computing Environment

Virtual and remote work has increasingly become more popular. To keep up with the demand, individuals and businesses evolved and invested in cloud computing methods, like virtualization. Virtualization is the process of making a virtual version of something, such as storage devices, network resources, operating systems, and hardware platforms.  

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5 Benefits of Virtualization in a Cloud Environment

1. Protection From System Failures 

Technology is always at risk of crashing down at the wrong time. Businesses can handle a few glitches, but if your developer is working on an important application that needs to be finished immediately, the last thing you need is a system crash. 

One advantage of virtualization cloud computing is opening your work on different devices. By storing all your backup data through virtualization on cloud services or networks, you can easily access it from any device. Additionally, there are usually 2 servers working side-by-side to keep data accessible. If one fails, the other is a backup. 

2. Hassle-Free Data Transfers

Another benefit of virtualization in cloud computing is data transfer. You can easily transfer data from physical storage to a virtual server and vice versa. Virtualization cloud computing can also handle long-distance data transfers. Administrators don’t have to waste time digging out hard drives to find data. With a dedicated server and storage, it’s easy to locate the required files and transfer them in no time.

3. Firewall and Security

Security is a major aspect IT professionals have to focus on. However, with virtual firewalls, access to your data is restricted at much lower costs compared to traditional methods. Through virtualization, you get protected by a virtual switch that protects all your data and applications from harmful malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. 

Firewall features for network virtualization allow you to create segments within the system. Server virtualization storage on cloud services will save you from the risks of having your data get lost or corrupted. Cloud services are also encrypted with high-end protocols that protect your data from other various threats. With something as serious as data security, it’s highly recommended to take a cloud computing course so you fully understand how it all works.

4. Smoother IT Operations

Virtual networks help IT professionals become efficient at work. These networks are easy to operate and process faster, reducing the effort and time required to work on them. Before virtual networks were introduced in the digital world, it would take days and weeks for technical workers to maintain and install devices and software on physical servers. 

Apart from the operations, virtualization has also benefited IT support teams in solving technical problems in physical systems. Because data is available on a virtual server, technicians don’t have to waste time recovering it from crashed or corrupted devices. 

5. Cost-Effective Strategy

Finally, virtualization is a great way to reduce operational costs. With all the data stored on virtual servers or clouds, there’s hardly a need for physical systems or hardware, saving businesses a significant amount in wastage, electricity bills, and maintenance costs. In fact, 70% of senior executives have supported virtualization by calling it efficient and cost-saving. Virtualization also saves companies a significant amount of space, which can then be utilized to increase the operations of a profitable department. This cost-effective strategy is both a profitability and productivity booster! 


These 5 benefits to virtualization in cloud computing will take your company to the next level in efficiency and profitability. To take full advantage of virtualization in a cloud computing environment, take our cloud computing course to prepare for valuable cloud certifications! Investing in your IT future is flexible, affordable, and trusted when you work with QuickStart.  

Talk to our advisors to see which course best suits your learning needs and career goals! 

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