Best paying location for IT Jobs


Best paying location for IT Jobs


The IT industry might just be at the top of the list in terms of the number of jobs that are produced annually. Each year new technological advancements are happening all around the world which directly results in increased jobs. Given that through IT, jobs in other sectors are decreasing but such is the way of life, there is no stop to evolution. The IT industry has been revolutionary in the past decade as a majority of the billion-dollar companies in the world are IT related.

These days IT jobs have gone remote. As IT has connected the world like a global village, there is instant access to most forms of data from anywhere in the world. This means companies can collaborate with and onboard people from different parts of the world and they can work together in a team simultaneously. Hence the barrier of locations is minimized. But still, most organizations prefer onboarding the employees from their local communities who also have instant access to their office space.

Keeping this in mind, here are some statistics regarding country wise and state wise scope of IT jobs.

Country-wise scope


There is no surprise that the USA is on top of the list for country wise IT jobs. Which other country has produced so many multibillion-dollar IT companies? Microsoft and Apple are just two big names from the USA IT industry and nobody can imagine the current IT industry without these two companies.

Number of Jobs

The number of new IT jobs in the USA for 2020 will be around 1.4 million.

Skills Required

Skills that are required and high in demand are Python, Machine learning, Django, Angular, React and AWS.

Average Salary

The average salary in IT jobs for the USA is around $80,000

  • Canada

Next to the USA is none other than Canada. Canada and the USA are much identical in so many ways in their IT industry. Although Canada is not as huge as the USA in the global IT market place, it is a close competitor. Canada is looking forward to hiring skilled employees from all over the world, Canada has also introduced a skill-based work visa.

Number of Jobs

The number of IT job openings in Canada is roughly 1 million.

Skills Required

The most required IT personnel in Canada are Business Intelligence Analysts, Cloud Architects, CloudEngineers and Project Managers.

Average Salary

The average IT technician salary in Canada is $72,000

  • Germany

 Germany is slowly rising in the IT industry, ever since its education policies changed and Germany started accepting IT students from around the world with little to no education cost. The IT industry started rising significantly, as the students who get graduated from german universities have to serve a year or so in the relative industry as well. This created a market niche for IT in Germany, and IT jobs in the german industry increased with it as well.

Number of Jobs

On record, more than 1.2 million job openings were seen in Germany for the year 2017 which were mostly IT, and this number is rising exponentially since then

Skills Required

 DevOps Engineer, Data Scientist, Lead Security Architect, and Cloud Architect are high in demand in Germany

Average Salary

The average salary in the IT field in Germany is $65,000

  • Finland

Finish people value their IT industry and are open for people from all over the world to come to Finland and help their IT industry reach skies. There is a shortage of skilled IT people in Finland.

Number of Jobs

Over 100,000 IT job openings were listed in 2019, this number is expected to grow

Skills Required

 The Finnish market is full of job openings for software developers, programmers and project managers

Average Salary

The average salary in the IT field in Finland is $60,000

  • The United Kingdom 

 There is a growing IT industry in the United Kingdom that has grabbed the attention of the world for quite some time now. Various IT positions keep popping up in the UK, making it one of the desired places to work by IT technicians.

Number of Jobs

Till February of 2019, over eight hundred and forty thousand job vacancies are seen in the UK’s IT sector

Skills Required

 The most popular job vacancies in the UK are project managers, data scientists, software engineers, and graphic designers

Average Salary

The average salary of an IT technician in the UK is $65,000

State-wise scope (USA)

Here are some of the states where IT jobs are in abundance in the USA.

  • California

 Number of Jobs: 350,000

 Job designations: CTO, Web developer, security analyst, chief architect, quality assurance, and many more

 Skills required: interpersonal and communication skills, react, Angular, Kubernetes, Git flow, AWS certifications, etc

 Average salary: $98,000

  • Virginia

 Number of Jobs: 140,000

 Job designations: IT support specialist, data analyst, application and system engineer, project manager

 Skills required: CompTIA certifications, database experience, agile and PMP certifications

 Average salary: $91,000

  • Maryland

 Number of Jobs: 88,000

 Job designations: software engineer, systems analyst, IT manager, software configuration analyst

 Skills required: software certifications and degree, IT certifications

 Average salary: $89,000


 Number of Jobs: 84,000

 Job designations: software engineer, security engineer, DevOps engineer, IT specialist

 Skills required: degree in software engineering, software engineering certifications

 Average salary: $94,000


 Number of Jobs: 80,000

 Job designations: quality assurance, IT technician, software developer, web developer

 Skills required: AWS, CompTIA certifications, PHP, Angular, React

 Average salary: $89,000

The best state for IT professionals (USA)

For a couple of years now, California has held its position as the best state for IT professionals and that is mostly because of Silicon Valley. How many more cities are there in the world named after silicon? This city, in particular, has headquarters for some of the industry-leading giant Tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook. IT technicians and developers dream about working at silicon valley because of these companies and the overall vibe of the city. There are entrepreneurs spread all across this city, hundreds of startups that are pushing their limits to make it big in silicon valley, some of which do it right. Overall, there is a constant tech vibe in this city and is programmers/other IT people’s dreams.

Talking about the state of California, apart from its tech hub silicon valley, California is also a great state overall. There is a beach in California, there are hills, there is Hollywood. People like visiting California not just because of the silicon valley but because of how happening this place is. Silicon Valley is just the icing on top for developers and IT people.

Least Preferable state/city (USA)

In terms of IT and especially in terms of cybersecurity, Las Vegas (Nevada) is the least preferable state. In the USA Vegas is considered to be one of most sketchy cities in the country. Apart from all gambling, there is a serious unaddressed issue of cybersecurity which the state is not paying much attention to either. Most sources claim that the state of Nevada is underfunded in terms of cybersecurity. Hence, there is no proper Cybersecurity coverage over the whole state and a low number of cybersecurity jobs as well.

Number of Jobs: less than 20,000 

Job designations: tech support, IT network administrator, IT specialist 

Skills required: Basic IT certifications, network certifications, experience in IT industry

Average salary: $80,000

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