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  1. 15 Key Skills of a Project Manager

    15 Key Skills of a Project Manager

    Project management is a process of planning, implementing, and managing a project. Companies are now hiring project managers because they’re experts in their respective fields.
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  2. Bridging Your IT Skills Gap in the 2020

    Bridging Your IT Skills Gap in the 21st Century

    Are you trying to find your way back in the market in the 21st century? If the answer is yes, then let us tell you how you can make your way back to the market you can eventually lead. To avoid the IT skills gap, it is first important to understand what is the IT skills gap, how ignoring the gaps slowly eliminate you from the market, and how can we build bridges to overcome.
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  3. 6 Home-Based Jobs You Can Do After Taking Online IT Training Courses

    6 Home-Based Jobs You Can Do After Taking Online IT Training Courses

    Irrespective of whether you’re looking for respite from the conventional 9 to 5, or are simply unable to commute to a workplace on a daily basis due to any personal reasons, you don’t have to worry about finances, or wasting your earning potential by sitting at home.

    Given the shift towards a digital workspace, there is plenty of opportunity for people to earn a decent living from the comfort of their living rooms through home-based jobs. Unlike olden times, thanks in part to the internet and the ease of experiences it provides, work-from-home jobs are not only legitimate, but also quite profitable, requiring nothing more than a few online IT training courses to give you a head-start on your earnings.

    10 of the most popular – and lucrative – home based jobs that you can do after taking a relevant online IT training course, include the following:

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  4. Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation Through DevOps Certification Training

    Accelerate Your DevOps Transformation Through DevOps Certification Training

    If your company is gearing up to get hands-on experience with tools like Terraform, Chef, Kubernetes, and Prometheus, you might want to consider developing a transformation strategy for your teams and managers so they can make the transition into DevOps as swiftly as possible. You’ll find many consultants who have done this for huge IT companies to guide you through the process, but what you need to ask yourself is, “Is it enough?”

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  5. How to Become Linux Administrator

    How to Become Linux Administrator

    On 17 September 1991, Linus Torvalds launched Linux. It is, right now, a widely used open-source operating system. The entire system took global technology by storm, and slowly many companies shifted to Linux from Windows. In 2019, 95% of the servers on the world's top domains were powered by Linux, and as much as 85% of smartphones were based on this powerful operating system (Source). The Linux trend has also given rise to  Linux administrator training. Given the usage of Linux, the career scope certainly seems high, and now many seem to be pursuing their career within the same niche.
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  6. Corona Shouldn’t Affect Your Learning and Career Development

    Corona Shouldn’t Affect Your Learning and Career Development

    The Covid-19 outbreak has affected more than 150 countries, 350K people, and killed more than 15K globally. Thereby, it has been announced as a Pandemic. As a result, more than 121K schools have been closed throughout the United States. Education Week released a state-by-state report of school closures around the country. According to this report, 46 US states have already shut down the schools affecting around 54.5M students. Likewise, thousands of people are prompted to work remotely. While this is a great opportunity to prove your capabilities to work from home and promoting this lifestyle, it is also a challenge to balance personal and professional lives amid the crises.
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  7. Customer and employee’s health should be every organization's priority; 7 tips to work from home

    Working from home has never been a problem for the IT professionals, as most of their jobs can easily be executed anywhere with only little changes being done systematically. However, during the crisis of COVID-19, it is now extremely important for the safety and health of you and your family to remain indoors and work from home.
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  8. 5 hot networking trends for 2020

    5 hot networking trends for 2020

    Networking isn’t the same anymore, compared to what it used to be when introduced to the world. The epicenter of networking has shifted to cloud from datacenters. The focus of networking is now moving towards mobile devices from computers. The year 2020 is shaping up to be an engaging one for the network teams. Based on previous developments made in the field, it is anticipated that in years to come network teams will be assigned to create networks that assist emerging services, bring time-efficiencies and increase the corporate network footprints. The article delves into the most prominent networking trends expected to gain popularity in the current year.
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